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the other day, i was playing halo with my cousin and we were talking about e3 and modern warfare 2.  i started to think about how the call of duty series has become a series that releases a new game every year like ea sports, guitar hero, etc.  i didn't buy world at war because i felt like i would be spending 60 on basically the same game.  i don't understand why people buy the new game in a series when they know that a new one is gonna come out in a year.  to me, it feels like people will tire of it if the barely get a year to enjoy the game.  i like halo and i am gald that they give people a few years to enjoy it before throwing a new game on us.  does anyone else feel like it is a waste of money to buy a new call of duty every year?  and not just cod, but i have gotten sick of how saturated the market is with guitar hero also and games like madden, nba live, ncaa, and all that other sutff.  i think that the companies need to back off a couple years instead of just pushing new games out like clockwork.  agree? disagree?  tell me your thoughts

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CoD is different because they alternate developers. I do buy a football game every year (not handegg), but apart from that, I generally avoid those franchises, because a 1 year dev time is generally not enough, though there was only 1 year between Jak II and Jak 3 and they were completely different games

It's a waste to buy any Call of duty made by Treyarch (CoD3/World at War)

Wait for every other year and buy the Infinity Ward installment.

Some of these games, especially sports games/wrestling games could just use an annual update. That's why I haven't bought a WWE game in two years. They don't advance the gameplay enough.

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@ coolestguyever, Treyarch aren't bad, it is just compared to IW they do not compare, but nobody does... they get far more stick than they deserve

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I am fine as long as they make good games.

like i am going to buy the new l4d, just because Valve is pure amazing.

It depends on the series. I generally only get 1 Madden game per console, and the only CoD I have is 4. I am, however, a big sucker for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and have a few of them in my collection.