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puffy said:
PeteyPeeps said:
1 disc? WOW ... Thats convenient ... too bad i have Metroid prime 1 + 2 on GC. Its all good anyway, id rather play em on GC then Wii. Reminds me of Mario galaxy, its pro, but would have been better on GC ;) What im trying to say is ... GC controller > Wii mote + Nunchuck, Oh Noes!

How in the hell did you come to that conclusion? I'm hoping that's sarcasm right there because the fact you could control Mario while picking up all the star pieces could not be done with the GCN controller without being an epic failure.

why do you even bother to answer i wonder.....

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Whoa, 3 more months? Too bad, I'm really looking forward to playing these games. It's been years since I completed the original Prime, and I never played more than a few hours of Echoes. These games will benefit so much from the new control scheme, and the upgraded visuals are a nice bonus too! :) Can't wait.

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