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We all know that the entire world loves Sony and their products. We all know that the PS3 is the most powerful console ever created and that Blue Ray is the best game format ever created. In a way, its not fair though how it costs so much more than a cheap dvd player that the Xbox 360 is using. The PS3 would have outsold the Wii if blue ray was the same price as a dvd player. SO DONT COMPARE THE 2 BECAUSE ITS NOT FAIR!!  This is like saying how a Toyota Corrolla outsells a Ferrarri.  Its just not even in the same league. Just wait till blue ray technology comes down a bit. A $199 PS3 will destroy the Xbox 360. Take my word!

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You again. Clearly you are just trying to make Sony fans look bad. Go away, plz.

Sony would be blah blah blah... I'm so tired of seeing this... no offence..

Who is this guy?

Xbox Mans alter ego?

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go sony go!

It's so unfair for Sony that Sony forced Sony to price their console at $600. Poor Sony.


This should be fun tomorow morning when the thread has been filled up with vitriol. I'll just say this now: No. No chance in hell. And just for the record, no the whole world doesn't like Sony. I have nothing against the company but I have a phone from Samsung, a TV from Philips, a camera from something with a P and a console from nintendo...

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If you are such a fan of blu ray, at least spell it correctly.

Sony is a beast! Just admit it!