PSP GO is a MISTAKE! (have SONY not learnt anything)!!

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Why the hell do you care if it's a mistake or not?

If you don't like it, Darth, then don't buy it. Get one of the cheaper models or a DS. The PSP Go! is for us tech people who want a cool and hip new gadget. You can just buy the cheaper model if you want that instead.

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darthdevidem01 said:
@The God Of War

£249 I think

You can get a PS3 with Infamous for £30 more than that...


darthdevidem01 said:

You do know misterd HATES SONY & its products with passion....why bother even replying? lol

No. I hate the Sony controller (always have - just never felt comfortable), and I hate Sony fanboys. I don't have any issue with Sony itself.

You missed out on a lot darth.

Psp go is a brilliant move.

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PSP go costs the same as a Wii, more than the 360 core, more than the DS, more than the DSi - the only console you couldn't get at the PSP Go's price-point is Sony's own PS3. I really think that for a handheld console, that price point is prohibitively high. For the most part, if you wanted gaming you could get the cheaper DS (unless you have to have such and such PSP game, but most people I'd assume really don't), and if I wanted some handheld media device I'd just get a zune or iPod.

I have a normal PSP-2000 and have no intention of ever buying this overpriced upgrade. I just have better things to buy with my money. (like that black monster hunter 3 wii man that looks pretty cool)

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Nope the price alone will be a big put off.....its a bad move.

If its is £249 in UK. thats so near to PS3 its, well shameful.

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sony hasnt learned from there $599 PS3. i dont see why this costs $249. at most it should cost $199.

i wait the day when a PSP is more expensive than a PS3. lol

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darthdevidem01 said:

Nope the price alone will be a big put off.....its a bad move.

If its is £249 in UK. thats so near to PS3 its, well shameful.

I'll agree with the price. The price is a bad move.


But the psp go itself is a brilliant one.


It's also the ultimate way of testing the waters for a psp 2.

If DD would work. In case you didn't notice they aren't discontinuing the 3000. In other words it's simply a alternate to the current gear.



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@ OP

They are selling the PSP Go to me! I have been wanting a digital download only PSP for quite some time now. The price point might be a bit high, but not outside what I would be willing to pay. MGS is not the only game coming for the PSP, GT is a nice addition as are LBP, MotorStorm, and all of the recently released games. I have been looking forward to Resistance Retribution, but wont buy it until they release a digital version on the PSN. With the availability of the Video Store now, the PSP Go is the ultimate travel device.

Just because you don't like the changes, doesn't mean that there isn't a market for the device. I cant wait to get one and scrap my PSP 2000.

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