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Rape Games Officially Banned In Japan

First Japanese rape games were "banned". Then, they were unbanned — rather, they were never officially banned. Now? Now, they're banned. Like, for real.

The country's Ethics Organization of Computer Software held an emergency meeting today in which nearly 100 representatives from various erotic game companies concluded that the manufacturer and sale of rape-type games should cease. This was not a government decision or even a legal one, but instead a self-policing policy on the part of the EOCS.

None of the representatives thought it was out of line to ban these types of games, and many felt this was the only way to rectify any problems caused by these types of games. Do know: a vote was not taken at this meeting, for whatever that is worth.

Future regulations regarding games will be worked out in the future. Until then, the EOCS will work with individual erotic game companies to help ease the transition.

The controversy regarding "rape games" started with the West discovered three-year-old PC game Rapelay, which was intended for a Japanese audience and legally released in its country of origin. Japanese politicians picked up on the Western fervor against the game, blaming this types of games for increase crime, etc.

What kind of changes can we expect? Ero game maker Syrup Soft is delaying its upcoming game Gang raped by the entire village ~girls covered in milky liquid~ to re-moniker it The trap set by the entire village ~bodies covered in milky liquid~. So, yeah, expect more creative ways of masking rape and rape iconography as well as possibly more "amateur" or unlicensed games. Then there's always the rape pornography and rape comic books that will most likely continue, business as usual.


Source: Kotaku



I didn't even know these things existed...I guess it doesn't matter now lol. Does anyone have any of these?


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The fact that it was allowed for so long~

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Nice thread title. I see what you did there.

OT, hmmmmm....

Crazymann said:
Nice thread title. I see what you did there.

OT, hmmmmm....

why ty =P

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These are truly dark times.

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The seedy underbelly of "legal" entertainment is momentarily exposed to the shock of the world. Some PR decisions are made to make it look like things are being brought under control to stop the worst excesses of moral depravity. Things will quieten down, the inhabitants of the underbelly will adjust to the new paradigm and things will go back to the way they were until the next shocking title grabs the attnetion of the MSM. While there are willing buyers of gutter entertainment there will be willing producers and sellers. When the buying stops the producing does too, it NEVER works the other way round.

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I wonder if ebay will sell these things

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damn I really wanted to get my hands on Gang raped by the entire village ~girls covered in milky liquid, I hear its the MGS 4 of its genre.

wait rapelay was western developed? WTF