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trestres said:

Breaking news, new trailer!

I can't stop watching this. lmfao

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I dont like the way he's talking in future tense about what he'd like to do and what is going to worry him about the project.

Makes me think there's a lot of development time left and maybe they've barely started the development.


@Me: Well, remember that a big part of the team was used to make Wii Fit, and also that they had to make 2 DS Zeldas in the meantime and Link's CB Training. Now the Wii Fit + is also announced, then people will be still busy until it launches, and also until Zelda ST launches.

But I wouldn't worry, because I think that Zelda Wii is coming out during Holidays 2010, so after both Wii Fit+ and Zelda ST launch, they will have a whole 1 year period to work on Zelda Wii, and consider this, they have already started development, but it probably was going slowly. Maybe story, scenario and characters are already planned, what needs to be done now is the proper game, maybe even the engine is already ready and they might be implementing Motion + to it.

Don't worry, Zelda Wii is coming out next year, and it will be the best Zelda game you will ever play and also the best game this gen without a doubt. Think of what's happening to Pikmin 3, only a few people working on it, so not much progress been made, but what has been achieved is there, so Pikmin 3 and Zelda Wii are gonna be out next year. If they aren't I'll sell my Wii, I promise.

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just a thought by next xmas the Wii will be four years old and it will be around fall next year when Sony and Microsofts motion controllers get released.

An outside chance perhaps that Zelda may not turn out to be Zelda Wii after all but they may hold on it / use it to launch a new more powerful conse with full Wii backwards compatibility sometime in 2011.


Hmm, well, cool that there's at least a confirmation it's in the works, but from the sound of it, it doesn't seem like they're really deep into development with this new Zelda. I mean, just some artwork of Link? They'd 'like to' make it compatible with WM+? Doesn't look like we'll be seeing this game anytime soon, I'd say 2011 at the earliest.

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sounds like 2011 to me.

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if archery works like in WSR that would be sweet

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any photos of that art drawing of older link yet?

I hope that we find out some more information soon.

trestres said:

Breaking news, new trailer!

I lol'd hard.