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IGN is great.

Still waiting on that Kid Icarus...

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I am guessing it will be a port of the remake of chain of memories for the ps2.But that´s just a guess.

I find it personaly hard to believe. Kingdom Hearts is a big franchise and would have been a megaton if it was announced at the N-conference.

If it is true you believe Nintendo would not have mentioned on the conference really? (sorry if I brake your heart Soriku).


Well, if this is true, I'm gone for a month thanks to that bet I made over a year ago, even though my posts have been infrequent lately, thanks to my new Digital Cable hookup... This really sucks, I've just gotten back on just to find out about this...

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That fake kingdom hearts 1/2 wiimake video I made wasnt supposed to be real.


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I'll wait for the Square-Enix press conference before I start getting excited.

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^When is their press conference? Tomorrow?

Also, when is Nintendo's Japanese conference?


Thank God its not on PS3!

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YAY! nintendo winns the world.../

hello how are you.

Undying said:
Thank God its not on PS3!

Lol, scared of the competition?