Who is buying The Sims 3 tonight?

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Not tonight, next week probably. I just bought like 5 DS games I think, so I'll probably cool my jets a little before running out and buying another game. Though my wife does love the sims, if she wants me to I will, but I doubt she'll want it at midnight. I do love me some sims though.

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I'm going to get it this weekend. I can't wait for sweet lesbian sim love!

I'm not. The farthest expansion I bought in the first Sims was House Party. I stopped playing after that and haven't touched the games since.

I've thought about checking The Sims 3 out, but I'm not sure. While the concept was pretty addictive at first, I got pretty bored after enough time with House Party... Though part of that was that it would cost $30 for each expansion.

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sims 3

Im definitly buying it, but i think I might get it next week cause this week im busy.

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I want Sims 3 but won't be getting it for a while. I'm getting Conduit at launch, though

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I bought it last Friday, its sweet!

LOL no ... EA can go die

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AkibaFan said:
So the biggest game of the year )top selling) launches and there's mo hype

anyway my sisters hyped for it!

Normal (by this i mean the type we meet on forums) pc gamer is as interested in The Sims as Halo 3 fanatic in Wii Fit :D


After my sis see my new PC, she force me to buy it or her gonna kill me. ( -_-)'

But since i like The Sims 1&2 too, so it won't be much problem to buy this game.

I'll get it tomorrow.( ^_^)