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cleveland124 said: Also, with Tiger Woods, what you have is a starved Wii crowd. We are clearly in a game drought.
No. stof has it right. The Wii doesn't need any more system seller as it is right now. In a couple months, maybe. I think EA is seriously thinking of gearing up for a Wii explosion. They are already taking surveys on how people play EA Sports games. They might be seriously thinking of developing primarily for the Wii, then porting it to other non-waggle consoles. Or at the very least, dedicate a studio specifically for the development of waggle EA Sports games.

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And it's a joke that we are talking about TW 07 as a system seller. The Wii has been sold out for nearly 5 months. Because Wii Sports mainly. They could not release anything for it and it would remain sold out through the end of March. Secondly March is a down month. It doesn't matter what number it is on Amazon's chart (extremely limited sample). It is highly unlikely that it will sell 100,000 in March. Not exactly system seller numbers. 3rd, the Wii has gotten my wife into gaming. In addition, I routinely have people over from work to play the Wii. They love Wii Sports. They love the motion technology and the system. I have yet to see one of them get excited over Wii Play. The general consensus is that it's worth $10 (basically the price of it), but let's go back and play Wii Sports. It's not a system seller. But its a few nice games.

How can you say there isn't a game drought? Their have been 5 games since Christmas. That's barely a game a month (counting Wii Play as a game). We could go back and forth on quality since it's only an opinion. My point is that's just not enough games for people to consider. They did a great job at launch getting several games out, they just weren't able to keep the supply up.

cleveland125 said: How can you say there isn't a game drought? Their have been 5 games since Christmas. That's barely a game a month (counting Wii Play as a game). We could go back and forth on quality since it's only an opinion. My point is that's just not enough games for people to consider. They did a great job at launch getting several games out, they just weren't able to keep the supply up.
Because the Wii is still selling better than any other console in the last few months. There is obviously enough software that people are still buying it even with your perceived game drought.

There are many ways to look at this, 1. the Wii can't catch up to demand so it's always going to sell out, B. for the people who have had the system for a while and want a game for the "hardcore" crowd there is a drought, III. for the casual gamer no drought exsist because they mostly want to play Wii Sports, Cutaro. Summer/Fall are when you will see system sellerss because by then they will have enough Wii's to flood the market.




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I do think TW can open up appeal for many nongamers. For example my mother and step father liked the Wii when they played it over my house, they loved Wii sports, but it wasn't enough to get them to buy, but they love to play golf. And TW is a mature golf game. don't forget how crazy golfers are, they sell an amazing amount of simulation stuff for golfers. So a mature title that lets you really swing and play golf will most likely expand the userbase. I'm not talking huge numbers but there is definitly something here.

stof said: The Wii itself is a system seller. And Tiger Woods 07 can't move a console that is already impossible to find. But It is going to be a strong title with continued sales until the much better looking and control refined Tiger Woods 08. It'll sell a lot more than tiger on other consoles for sure.
Yep. I came in here to post this. There really isn't such a thing as a system seller for a system that is sold out as soon as it touches store shelves. The first time we'll see a system seller will be sometime after Wii has achieved >50% availability.

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I do agree that there's a drought of games though...nobody expected the Wii to do so well...

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johnlucas said: Lingyis said: I checked Tiger Woods 07 on Amazon and as of Mar 14 2:35 Pacific Time it's ranked at #6. The Wii is ranked #1, but a few days back it was at #5. The lowest price of the console has also gone up from around $325 (if I remember correctly) to $375. On eBay the price is closer to $320 (albeit shipping at a ripoff $30), but it's the difference that's interesting. This is scant data, but it does make you wonder if TW 07 actually moves systems. Amazon has not restocked Wii in the last few days, so discount that as a factor. For comparison's sake, #2 Wii Play, #3 GoW2, #7 PS2, #9 Ghost Recon. I don't know, but TW 07 at #6 is rather surprising to me. Also surprising is that Wii Play is still outselling GoW2--but GoW2 should certainly both Wii the console and Wii Play, probably only because the way ranking is done that hasn't been reflected yet. We'll see in a few days. You shouldn't be surprised. People have become insulated as to what makes a system seller. Tunnel-vision. We've played certain types of games so long that we think we know what moves the systems. Check out an article from this guy named Sean Malstrom from TheWiikly.com Theory of Cycles He explains all the gaming generations and their views on a higher plane than just mere age. I find his theory to be correct because one who identifies with a particular era of gaming can't understand when a new era emerges. Pac-Man was once seen as a non-game as well just like Super Mario Bros. I'm not surprised Wii Play is outselling God of War 2 in the least. Wii Play appeals to broader groups than God of War 2 ever will. You should read that guy's stuff. You may not like the partisan nature of the site he writes on but he's telling you knowledgeable stuff based on a historical perspective that even precedes Nintendo's entry into the business. Tabletop Cycle Arcade Cycle Cinema Cycle and this emerging Social/Interface Cycle The movie-styled games as the preeminent in gaming are fading. That's what that article is saying. I was born in 1976 & first saw my first videogame Pac-Man in the arcades in 1980 when I was 4. My home generation fits inside the Arcade Cycle & games before this cycle were not as enjoyable to me as the ones FROM this cycle. Text-based computer gaming would never appeal to me in the same way as Donkey Kong did in the arcades. The same with the Playstation generation not being able to appreciate games without a story and cutscenes. Games with hard challenges & reliance on reflexes like those of the arcade era. Those who grew up in the 1990's & early 2000's look at games from my era as old hat. Soon the emerging audiences will see the movie-styled long-involved cutscene type of games as old hat just the same. People myself included sometimes don't have time to play games for long periods of time. We got full-time jobs & responsibilities now. Shorter briefer quick-to-get-into-and-out-of type of games are gonna become more the norm. Also games that rely heavily on the social interaction aspect. Accessibility & Brevity are the key words now. This is one reason why the HD argument will never pan out. It's the relic of the Cinema Era. Nobody of substantial numbers cares about that. I've witnessed 43-year old & 52-year old male cousins and 49-year old male co-workers and 40-year old & 49-year old female friends of mine express desire or interest in getting a Wii. None of these people EVER cared about videogames before but all of a sudden they want this system. And the type of games that interest them are Wii Sports & Wii Play and stuff of that ilk not God of War 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man and Halo 3 and Gears of War and Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metroid Prime 3. You can write these audiences off as "casual" (whatever that means) if you wanna. This is the future of where this industry is going. Games of older cycles may still sell and will be made but they won't be the preeminent for much longer. They said Revolution and that's exactly what they meant. And I don't think people have really wrapped their heads around this yet. The industry & its rules are changing right before your very eyes and Nintendo is leading the way all the while collecting bank. John Lucas
AS tou put it this "revolution " spells doom for games with deep storytelling ,great artistic values and complex gameplay ....so it means doom for our beloved industry as we have know it .

Diomedes1976 said: AS tou put it this "revolution " spells doom for games with deep storytelling ,great artistic values and complex gameplay ....so it means doom for our beloved industry as we have know it .
Don't look at it that way. When I first became aware of videogaming it was at the start of the 1980's and I was just out of toddlerdom. Pac-Man was the first videogame, well arcade game I ever saw. Flashy colors & wonky sounds, bright lights. Tailor made for kids, wouldn't you say? The cartoony case design only sealed the deal. Saw Donkey Kong a short time later & then saw home consoles in action only briefly visiting with some people my family knew. Then saw games in gamerooms & laundromats in my young schoolage years. I totally understood the value of 25 cents. Saw the mini-tabletop arcade LCDs. The Game & Watches & similar devices. Gaming when I came up was all about scoring, high scores, putting your 3-letter initials in rankings, managing some tricky difficult game manuever, making sure you could keep it up for as long as possible, and besting your ability. Story was negligible if not nonexistent most of the time. Only frameworks at best. Games were easy to jump right in & start fiddling around with. No long intros or backstories. I didn't have my own home console until I was 12 in 1988 with my NES. Grew up poor in the country so I had my old things to play with along with my imagination. The scoreboard aspect was fading out by the late 80's but it was still there. But now the objects of the game was to beat it. To get to the end after you beat the "bosses". Stories began becoming more fleshed out in the late 80's & early 90's until all of that stuff from the arcade days was a distant memory. Now I played games for the challenge but also to watch the cinemas put together & to feel the emotion of the characters. Soon though game became more about story than game. Game was just the framework to advance the story. Things had changed. They will always change. The people who saw Pac-Man & the like on the horizon probably lamented the fading out of complex thinking adventures. The chess match quality of games giving way to this reflex-freak, herky-jerky, cartoony arcade mess. Games were becoming more mindless than the stuff they were used to. Their world had changed as well. Games from older eras won't stop being made but they won't take the same precedence as they once did. Zelda Twlight Princess' sales are shocking in a way. You'd think they'd sell more being the gold standard of games but no these little simple titles are having the edge & lasting power in sales not the masterpiece variety of game. It's just a changing of the guard. Not the doom of the industry. In fact it will refreshen the industry ensuring it lasts a little longer. Don't be afraid of the change. I've been through many of them but I'm still here gaming. John Lucas

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