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There is less than a month until the Wii's biggest game of the summer is released. How many of you have reserved a copy or plan to? If you haven't I suggest you do so at gamestop because they have the best deal. 

I hope everyone who plans to buy the game pre-orders, so that HVS can get an idea how many people plan to buy their game. I hope it's a lot of you. 



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Yeah, I'll sign. I pre-ordered the limited edition a few weeks ago.



Been excited for it for a while now!


Yep, I've had it preordered for ages.

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Just pre-ordered it last week at gamestop.

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I pre-ordered two months ago.

I have it pre-ordered.


I have it preordered

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I've had it pre-ordered for a while, myself! :P

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Pre-ordered it last week at Gamestop too.