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Of course not, this is just a prediction. I can't see into the future. That's why I said this was a prediction, never claimed otherwise.

But remember that last year Nintendo only showed 3 new games, expecting 4 is already better than last year, so I think you might be unrealistic in expecting so much.

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I'd say these predictions are pretty reasonable, they are however on the pessimistic side imo. I just think most people are expecting Nintendo to redeem themselves this year and show lots of core titles, that's all, nothing against your predictions :)

i for one hope for a great show, but i am prepared for the worst. but besides that, this E3 is already WIN for me since i saw the No More Heroes 2 trailer (AWSOME!!!) and Final Fantasy: crystal bearers will be there... and whatever Nintendo does can't screw that up ;D

It has only been a year and a few months since Wii Fit was releaseed and they already have a sequel in the works prepared to be showed at E3, why can't I expect a sequel to Zelda if Twilight Princess was practically finished at 2005? Evey company is showing tons of good games, why not Nintendo?
I repeat again, or they really surprise us and care a little more about core gamers or I will stop being a Nintendofanboy.

The Crystal Bearers being at E3 in playable form makes Wii win already, lol. The only game that could possibly get me more excited than TCB is obviously Zelda. After Zelda, no game matches my hype for TCB, although there are lots of games that I really want.

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I actually expect Zelda Wii to be shown. It's been nearly 3 years since TP came out, and TP's development basically ended 3.5-4 years ago. Zelda Wii should be well into development by now.

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1. if kirby wii is vapourware, why do they put it on their release list? yeah it might not hit the west this year but they must intend to release it at some point

2. id say pikmin 3 will have a longer trailer and release this year along with pilotwings, since im pretty sure itll be there (or at least one factor 5 wii game anyway)

3. i also expect layton as a big DS game with an august release date

4. i agree with your predictions for wii fit plus (will have a balance board bundle and a stand alone SKU) and art academy (could be a downloadable game)

5. theres an extremely slim chance but i rekcon sadness will turn up (maybe 5 seconds of footage in a third party montage)

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I would expect that if they don't have alot of stuff internally, they would publish some of the bigger Japanese games like Taiko Drum Master. Who knows, maybe even Monster Hunter 3

We really have no idea what this Art Academy thing is. It could be an RPG about a student trying to become famous, or it could be painting fences competitively.

I don't think these new play control games take much effort either.

To me, some of the pseudo-announced titles are likely to use motion tech.

The other thing to watch is if something like Disaster: Day of Crisis is ever going to come over to the USA. There are a few of those titles they've just been sitting on essentially. I don't think Retro needed more than a year to do the Metroid Prime 1-3 compilation, as they are just adding motion tech. If thats the case, they've been doing something since late 2008 probably and may show something.

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Completely wild Wii prediction:- A Wii HD version will be showcased at e3, to coexist with current Wii. Loads of multiformat 3rd party titles announced with it. Also a showreel of upcoming Wii 1st party games with loads of surprises.



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can anyone give me a link to a site or a page that will be broadcasting nintendos e3 conferance???