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mrjuju said:
Much better, it makes the main page seem far less cluttered and busy. I know it is just for E3, but consider keeping it year round, or at least making the background brighter than the last one.

This! A simple change like this and I'm in love with the home page outside of the performance issues on my old POS. If I had a vote, I'd say keep the background as is and change the header whenever the situation calls for it(E3, game releases, contets, etc.)

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The backgrounds are here to stay...

This is what the servers on VGchartz will look like in E3. totally overheated







Yes, this is much better.

But still:
VGChart 1.0 = Standard
VGChart 2.0 = Counter Culture

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geez...I cant believe how much better the site looks with just alittle color

I love it aswell! VGC feels fresh and original again!

Man i'd even go as far to say that its better than VGC ver 1.0 homepage.

Eww... Can we go blue please? even crimson? but burnt orange??? I don't like that color... >.>

Neat "feature" though.

I like it as well :D
Now i'm not as depressed when i browse this site.