Should Micheal Vik be allowed to play NFL again?

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I wanted Newcastle to go down just to se Joey Barton rot in the championship

O.T How long was this footballer out of the game for?

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There are people who have killed people in the NFL and are still playing.

Dante Stallworth well probably be let back in the league if he's not thrown in jail and he killed someone.

OJ Simpson is still in the hall of fame.

Ray Lewis... well enough said.

I believe he has already served his time. At the same time, there's no way in hell I'd ever want him on my team.

CaptainPrefrences said:
I think he was treated harshly. How many other people do the same thing and get away with a few months?

No one I know of. How many people involved in illegal dog fighting do you know that got punished less harshly than Vick?

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The man went to prison behind some dogs, hes been punished enough.

"If he worked at McDonalds he wouldn't get his job back" is a stupid argument. He is not getting special treatment.

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Tyrannical said:
Proffesional athletes are supposed to be role models and should be of good moral character.

They're supposed to be role models? Says who? They're highly paid professionals who excel at a particular skill, no different than a CEO, artist, musician, or whatever. Moral "integrity" shouldn't have anything to do with it. The guy did his time, let him play if he's any good.

It's up to the parents to show their children that he's a shithead and should be vilified, not the NFL. If a team wants to take a chance on the PR hit versus the possible upside of signing Vick, more power to them. Let them make their own bed.

I despise the word "moral/morality". I think the guy's a complete douche but if someone wants to watch him play, good for them. I couldn't care less.

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^ As soon as someone is famous then they will immiediatly be a role model and therefore as a profesional they should lead by example.

no...in fact...i dont think he should be allowed to breathe either.

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To be quite frank anyone that's cruel to dogs is scum in my eyes, not even worthy enough to breathe oxygen.

But the world doesn't work like this, I know, he should be allowed to work freely once his sentence was repaid like the rest of us.

Well as a Christian I say forgive and let live, he has paid his dues for it and if he wants to get his job back good for him

I think it would send a good message to the world and the people that watch, if you make a mistake its not the end of your life or the world, people make them every day, some not as big, and some even more devastating…but every one is allowed to pick them selves up and keep going