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I already love it. I must say I was extremely skeptical of this one, but Sucker Punch has gone on to deliver yet another great game:

- The controls are solid. Cole goes where you freaking want him to. He will rarely jump to the wrong place. The melee combat is actually fun for a sandbox game.

- Using electricity as a power is actually fun and pretty much replaces the need for guns. I just unlocked the electric grenade and I'm loving it.

- Climbing feels natural and is extremely fun to do. There is rarely the fear of falling of or having nowhere to go.

- The city is huge and there are plenty of places to go and see. The graphics are top notch and look great in HD although I will check the resolution that it is running on when I go back to it.

Untill today, Assassins Creed was the king of sandbox games that require you to climb buildings and make your own way around (without cars). I can easily say that it has been outdone by inFamous. I can already tell I am going to enjoy this game. I feel quite stupid for renting instead of buying it. I also just remembered that I will most likely miss out on the Uncharted 2 beta. You will probably see me lurking the forums asking people to let me in with their pins. Anyway, anyone else get inFamous? What do you think so far?

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Damn it YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no money for inFAMOUS!!!!!!!!!


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Completely agree. It is a wonderful game and I can say that based purely on the demo. Can't wait to play it once my exams are over.

The racing sequences are very good, much better done than the infamous flag collecting in Assassin's Creed.

My only complaint is of playing the demo =/ I already know what most of the powers are, and I feel more like I'm recovering lost powers than gaining new ones.

Glad to hear that you're enjoying it.

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it gets better. hit me up when you get to the bus scene. then you will know how crazy this game can get... ;)

It's my next PS3 game.

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Dgc1808 said:
It's my next PS3 game.



Favorite films. Foreign films forever!


I SO can't wait for this to arrive on friday! I have been playing the demo loads and it is just so much fun!

Refreshing to play a game without guns huh?