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In a new Blu-ray release of Evangelion in Japan, an ad in the back page of the booklet that comes with the disc reveals that Cellius, the joint company between Sony Computer Entertainment and Namco Bandai, is developing a title based off the Evangelion anime exclusively for PlayStation 3.


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does anybody know how big their team is because they had like 3 titles back in 2007 and now this one

Have they released any games b4?

EDIT: Just did a quick search. 3 were announced... nothing's been released....

4 ≈ One

Cellius LIVES!!!.....and Evangelion is gonna HUGE in Japan

Well that's pretty awesome news! I hope it mech fighting game or an action game and not a visual novel.

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Wow that should move some units in Japan, any news on a release date?

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That will move some copies in Japan :) Might even come to US.


I am hoping this come to US, I love Evangelion, even though I know some of you don't =(


Hope its not japan only

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