Just saw inFAMOUS TV ad!!!!!

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It seems like Sony might push this game (more than they did with KZ2)

Did anyone else see it? BTW, I was watching family guy on adult swim, it went on commercial break and there it was


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I saw one during the NBA playoff

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Yeah I saw it too. It looked pretty badass with the whole comic book style mixed with gameplay.

Did you also see the new PS3 logo at the end?

It almost seems that Sony is trying to go back to PS2 advertisements with just a "PS3" logo and the electronic voice that says "PlayStation" When I heard it I instantly thought of old PS2 advertisements.

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one of the best sony commercial i saw in while

I saw it right during the commercial break after Family Guy as well.

Hopefully this game will get plenty of advertisment and do well in sales.

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yea i've seen 2 infamous commercials during the western conference NBA finals, they're trying to push the game. Probably pretty expensive to put an ad there.

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Not yet, though ima watch some tv soon exclusively to see it. :D


here is the ad 



Here's a better one. Looks awesome.

Yup! Saw it here as well just a few minutes ago. Badass commercial. Could this be the return of PS2 era Sony advertising?!?

Damn! GameInformer gave it a 9!!! They gave Killzone 2/Uncharted an 8.75 if memory serves me right. They must have really enjoyed this game.:D

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