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Yeah so apparently it is a very old build and since then the game has moved on a lot. Already the game looked pretty darn special so it only getting better is quite something.

It's not a cut mutant rat cute but probably a Griffin and that too a baby one. What would be something would be if the kid and Griffin grow up during the duration of the game.

I'm not going to hate on this game until I have played it so for now will hop onto the hype train!


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zexen_lowe said:
Lightning_24 said:

Okay, wait i'm confused by peoples replies. "Not that graphically good." Uh, did we watch the same videos. Sure the boy isn't that good. But the environment looked nice. And did you see all the little pieces of feathers that were on that creature. It almost looked like a real animal.

Like i said though, the boy looked fake and not up to the rest of the graphics in the video.

I'm sorry, i never played any of Team ICO's games but the graphics for the creature look better than any other creature i have seen in a game. That's if this is their in game footage.

We're complaining because SotC already looked that good, this trailer doesn't look any different from it. Though, if this is really very early material, then the video suggests nothing about the final look of the game



But when i watched some videos of SotC, seeing if i wanted to give it a try, I never thought, "Oh WOW. Those creatures look real." On this video this was my reaction, "What a weird creature, aw isn't it cute." Then that scene in the dark cave, "WoW, it almost looked like a real cat." It's ears moved and everything.

I think it's a cross between a cat and some other animals.

Man, for those complaining, did we watch the same thing, it's on Youtube remember and the music alone got to me. I just feel like crying, i am so happy.

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It is weird seeing a reveal like this come out of the blue. Supposedly, Sev is an insider, and he's bragging over at N4G.

it seems that this a year old video thats been floating around sony according to 1up sources

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Old or not, this is beautiful.

Day one.

Here, some screenshots: http://playstationlifestyle.net/2009/05/19/project-trico-screenshots/


the player / creature model didnt look great (http://playstationlifestyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/psls-trico-62595.jpg)... the environment looks amazing though

got to go read more abt this game

loy310 said:
oh shit.....My heart crack when that thing picked the kid up and allowed it the pet him/her. I love the "boy and his pet" stories, big animal lover in the house here. Wow the game looks like it's going to be a fantasy/heart breaker/drama/ involved story. And to all the people knocking the visuals, just chill out a little, graphics is not everything, Trico looks like it going to be very deep, very very deep.

100% agreed!!! When I saw the screens, it was just ok. But the video, OMG, I loved it! The interaction and the moviment of this animal is fantastic!!!!!

And the soundtrack... fits so well. I'm very happy.