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How soon do you guys think until Sony puts into place its next Price Drop?

Right now the two versions on the market are obviously the 80Gig/Packin Model for $599 and the 60 Gig/Model for $499.

According to VGChartz, Sales of 80Gig are Approx 15K. So we can assume the 80 Gig model is still just around 33% of overall sales, but still a ever growing chunk of the systems sales.

This week even with some pretty big game launches on the system (a lot of multi-platform games finally coming out like DiRT) and some exclusives like Lair/Heavenly Sword/Warhawk, the system hit just 30,000~ Units sold. A pretty dismal total.

Next week they've got a bunch of new releases, but all Multi-platform games. Nothing that seems like a particular system seller.

 So Sony is put in a position where the system is in danger of dropping or staying below 30,000 Units/Week at one of the most critical times of the System Wars (lead up to Holidays). They've been cutting the console production costs, but that initial cut cost them a lot of money. The new 80 Gig model though likely cost about the same to ake as the 60 gig if not less. Sony needs a price cut to the $399 level if they really want to expierence a good sales boost.....however Sony Management has already expressed its disdain for the semi-price cut they did before and this would be a very significant price cut so soon after the last one.

I think Sony Management will wait until the 60 Gig clears out of the supply channel over this next month or so, then drop the 80 Gig w/Packin model down to $499 for the Holidays to try and not get raped margin wise. Sales over this next month will really hurt until then, but they can't drop the price right now since that would mean 60 Gig at $399 which they won't do, so they'll wait until its out.

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Where do you get breakdown by sku for PS3 sales?

Because I'm curious how much of 360 sales are the elite sku, but I dont know where to find that info..

when 60 gig is sold out 80 gig drops to 500 maybe a new cheeper sku.

I'm not sure why Sony would add a 40 Gig SKU thought the 80 Gig is in a good position in the long run (since we all know that the Xbox 360's 20 Gig SKU is becoming cramped). Plus they'd barely saving anything making a new 40 Gig SKU.

80 Gig at $399 would be incredibly Competitive compared to right now, but not sure how likely that is.

Plus we could expect an Xbox 360 Price drop down to at most $299 for Premium and maybe a Wii cut eventually (scary to think about lol).

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darkfire, 80gb at 399, you do realize thats a 200 dollar price cut. that will NEVER happen. when the 60gb are gone the 80gb will probably drop to 499 and that will hurt sony cuz once again they'll be losing tons of money on every system sold. but assuming the 60gigs sell out this fall i guess the 80gb will be at 500 for the holiday season. i wouldn't except a price cut to 400 till late next year though or else they'll just be losing too much money after they've already lost an insane amount of money. the sad thing for them is that the ps3 will never be profitable cuz since it costs so much and they are sooooooo far away from a mass market price and its selling horribly everytime they get even relatively close to breaking even on a ps3 sale they have to drop the price and hope that their sales will pick up out of the dumps to be even marginally competitive with the 360. in terms of profit the ps3 is this generations xbox. poor sales, losing money on every system, will never break even even with software profit coming in.

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Yup, so it seems untill now...and if this goes on, Ps3 might be this gen's Xbox. We have to consider thought that the Playstation brand is big, unlike Xbox at the time, and don't rely on only 1 game.

Sony are veterans here, they could pull some cards still, they said they would go for the longrun...let's see if they are capable.

But anyway...it's too early to be jumping to conclusions but as i said earlier, if this keeps on, then yes, PS3 is going in the same direction as Xbox did.

I think a bundle or a cheaper unit is more likely, if Sony slashes the price again not only will they anger users who purchased in the last couple of months but potential buyers will be left to wonder how much the PS3 will drop in the near future.

Well in Sony's press conference didn't Kaz say they were shooting for 11 million units WW and if thats the case if their not near that number by December we could see a price drop, but most likely it won't happen until 2008.

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I thought Kaz said no price drop this year? Maybe by end of March for their next one??? Did I read this wrong or something?

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Umm, there was a very widespread rumor, if you guys weren't aware, of a 399, 40GB, PS3 sku.

But most expected them to announce it at TGS, and since that hasn't happened, I guess most dont expect a drop this year, except for the 599 sku dropping to 499 once 60GB supply runs out.