If the PS3 Slim is legit and releases at $299 - What will it do for sales?

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HanzoTheRazor said:
FF13 will kill it here in Japan when released. The HW boost alone for that will be the strongest Japan has seen till date.

Me thinks there will be plenty of 360 fanboys shaking at the knees now over this rumour. Silly, but true.


There is a lot of arrogance in your posts, which is unnecessary.

If Sony releases a slim PS3 at a 299, that would be amazing. Everyone would go out and buy one.

However, if Microsoft released a slim 360 at 99 dollars, everyone would go out and buy that instead.

These are rumors. Like MGS4. You remember that one? The one which claimed that the best PS3 exclusive would be released on the Xbox 360 with more content?

The truth is, until this is confirmed, it's all hope. You hope it happens. Some hope it doesn't. Honestly, who cares about the hope of biased fans? I certainly don't.

As for your assertion that FFXIII could somehow "swing" the console war in Sony's favor. It's just Japan. You think everyone who buys a copy of XIII will buy a PS3 to go with it?

Why don't you wait for your rumor to be officially confirmed because you start gloating, and ironically degrading other fanboys.

I don't need your console war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.
You're power hungry, spinnin' stories, and bein' graphics whores.
I don't need your console war.


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SWA_JM_Obi-Wan said:
I have to laugh at some of you. You guys seem to forget that only a few months ago before the 360 price drop that the PS3 was signifigantly outselling the 360 in Europe. running equal in the states and winning slimly in japan on a weekly basis. A slim at $300 would bring the price gap back to that point again, but in Japan the slimline factor mixed with FF13 would create a major boost in that country. I know 360 fans want to believe that the sales numbers are about the 360 being in demand, but the truth is it's about a major price gap. Also we don't exactly know where the Sony losses fall. they coald be due to shipping, they couyld be due to storage, they could be due to the designing of this slim model. Truth is we do not know how much Sony looses on the production cost of the PS3. We also do not know truly how much added little stuff that could be removed in a slim would cut costs. If we were experts we would be running these companies.

Why would you laugh at someone's opinion? Isn't that a tad passive agressive.

THEN is not NOW. Brand recognition and acceptance changes with time. Price is not always the absolute decider. By the time Gamecube hit 99 dollars, its brand had already been tarnished enough for it not to matter. You can't base sales trends on such simple deductions.

The whole point of the "Slim" design is to remarket the PS3 as a "new and better version" most notably in the states, where its brand, frankly, sucks.

Console redesigns, like color changes, are marketing schemes. They can give a console a fresh start, like the DS-Lite, or they can reup sales by increasing functionality and destroying stigma, like the PS2 slim. A 360 redesign could derail the RRoD argument, for instance.

In the case of the PS3, the redesign wouldn't be aimed at destroying a faulty hardware stigma or increasing functionality. It would be aimed at destroying the poor brand acceptance and price stigma surrounding the PS3, worldwide. It would be nothing short of a relaunch of the console.

I don't need your console war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.
You're power hungry, spinnin' stories, and bein' graphics whores.
I don't need your console war.


If the slim will cost $300, then how much will the phat one be sold for? I'm sure it will be below $300 which makes it absurdly low.

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Zenfoldor, if you had to guess, how many units do you think a slim PS3 for $299 would start selling weekly worldwide?...according to vgc, it´s been selling about 120K weekly (though it´s in danger of falling below 100K soon).

Oh Come on ZEN! Seriously do you really believe that the consumer Opinion has changed that much in 9 months? Isn't that being just a little nieve? your point would be completely valid if i were talking about history of 2 or 3 years ago. In that case I would absolutely and completely agree with you, but we are talking 9 months here. the only thing that has changed the landscape is the price. I have great respect for your opinions, and I know you like to play devils advocate, but this time i have to say you are swinging at the breeze. Of course it's a rebranding, i never said it wasn't, if anything rebranding would add even more to where they were a year ago. Honestly if this comes to be true i would expect to see Sony do about 100-110 k in others, 65-75k in the US and around 30k in Japan in an average run of the mil week with obviously huge junps during the holiday seasons. I also would to see the 360 numbers slip off some in Others.

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One thing I don't get why will it be cheaper?

When PS2 slim was released the older PS2's (bricks) became cheaper.

Wouldn't it be the same in this case?

I expect the older model => 299

Slim 399

The older model is sold out => Slim drops to 299.


RPG said:
yes say it louder, much louder like a dirty girl.

Sony expect a 30% increase in sales so this could be a reason.

Yeah. There's nothing else to really drive sales up 30% that has been confirmed for release this year. Uncharted and Ratchet are sequels. Heavy Rain, looks great but it's not going to make people a ton of people run for the PS3 (sorry cgi), and Ninja Gaiden/Tales of Vesperia are ports...Final Fantasy 13 will drive up Japan's sales up but that'll be during the last weeks of the actual year....of course then again, if they are talking about fy, it will likely include FFXIII, God of War 3, and Gran Turismo...still..30 percent is a lot in my opinion.

Megadude said:
Price much more then the slimming will help sales. Not that slimming will hurt. And yes it will start outselling the 360 everywhere including excluding the US. MS won't respond with a cut till the gap goes down to 4-5 million. Basicly 2008 all over again. It won't outsell Wii but will be closer then ever.



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I think you'll get a $50 cut. Not $100. Too steep for Sony that's already bleeding money as a whole. You may get a $100 temporary cut on PS3 Fats to clear that inventory, the comment the guy above made about the older units becoming cheaper actually makes more sense.

MS probably counters by adding a 60GB HDD to their Arcade pack, and/or releasing their own 360 Slim. Beating Sony is the only real PR point MS has left, so they can't blow that now since neither one is going to beat Nintendo obviously. 

I don't agree with the thinking that MS would just sit there and do nothing. If they blow this lead and finish third again, I think the heads of MS will be quite right in asking "what are we giving you all this money for again?". 

MS' game division must be able to present a victory over Sony this gen or they are in big trouble.