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If people like this had "jobs" that involved real "work" they wouldn't have these problems.

Work cured my 3+hr gaming marathons. I might get 15hrs per 2 weeks to play, if that.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

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wow... very very sad. You would think someone at the store would have noticed the same guy there for 3 days straight.

My favorite sleep deprivation story is the one about a DJ who decided to deprive himself of sleep as a stunt. He eventually went something like five days at which point he began to see things that started to terrify him, and that is what killed him scared to death by lack of sleep.

For all we know this guy could have had the same thing happen. Would anyone of noticed a guy shaking staring at his screen as all sorts of monsters were flying past his face. Fear outright makes some people lock up especially if their not in their right mind to begin with. For all we know this guy could have spent an eternity locking into a true gaming hell.

wow... i think im bad sometimes

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I wouldn't be able to do that... I always take pauses w/e I'm doing either playing games or being on the internet. I stayed once 40 something hours up but I did eat and drink... O-o

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I read a book once for four straight days. The thing is, I only get tired during the night....if I can make it through the night, I automatically make it through the next day. But, on the last day, it was like 5 o clock on the fourth or fifth day, and my balance and equilibrium started screwing with me, and I started to feel like I had a fever....felt totally whacked out. I was at the mall or some crap, and not being able to walk straight despite not being on any drugs was kind of freaking me out, so I went to bed/sleep as soon as I got home, haven't gone longer than two days since. And that was like 4 years ago.


Your brain can see whatever it wants....if it apparently wants to see things that freak the living shit out of you, then that's what you're going to see.....and your heart isn't going to be any better for it, let me tell you.


Wow, that is very sad for a number of reasons..

vizunary said:
pussy... 4 1/2 days playing FFVIII is my record.... but i had vodka and pot, no coffee...

is your avatar a picture of you after you did that?

Sad, a friend of me is like that, always playing for 10 hours a day minimum but now he got fired, and he play around 20 hours a day :s In fact how can you let someone like that stop playing, if I say he haves to rest or eat he gets very aggressive.

it's not 1 definate reason that kills in those cases ...

The primary thing is stress hormones .. those are lethally poisonous .. usually in the dosis the body produces them they only increase the heart rate by a bit , but the excitement one feels from gaming can lead to a constant output of stress-hormones , which are a huge burden on the blood ciculation and especially the heart ..

In most cases the people don't die ,when they are playing , but when they decide to rest after such a 2-4 days gaming marathon. The sudden drop in the hormon level makes the fatigue on the heart suddenly show up and it can't keep it's rythm anymore , so that people usually die from a cardic arrest , if they can't get revived within some minutes .

A second reson can be embolism - in sitting position , especially when all cramped up (like often in gaming situations) small blood cristals can be formed in the leg veines , which usually are attached to the vescular wall , but if they get dettached and travel through the veines they reach the heart and after that the lunges and can block very very essential arteries. And ofcourse when a certain amount of the lunge or the brain (which they reach after the lunges) gets blocked it's a major and life threatening situation.
The danger of this happening increases by a huge amount ,if people don't drink enough / are already quite dehydrated.

Ofcourse depending on the person there can be even more dangers , but those two are the main reasons for dieing while/after gaming for a far too long time in my opinion.