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Hmm...I would like them to tease a new zelda/mario game and some other games from 3d parties.

I will keep my expectations in the middle (neither hi or low) to avoid dissapointments.

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F-Zero and Starfox is enough to make me happy.

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Iwata walks onto the stage.

""We are now the console market leader. GET ON THE BUS HARDLYCORES!""

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Iwata- ""REMOVE THE HARDCORE GAMING und schicken sie in Konzentrationslager!""

Best E3 ever.


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I know they will show Wii Sports Resort, Motion Plus, Mario & Luigi 3, Zelda Spirit Tracks. Red Steel 2 will be there.

I really want Star Fox Wii to be there! Mario Party 9 is probably inevitible to be at E3 this year. I would love for the pokemon announcement to be a Pokemon Gold/Silver remake! I loved the 2nd gen!

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Now that I think, I do hope that Nintendo clarifies once and for all if Fatal frame 4 and Disaster will come to america wether they distribute them or not so we all can know if we can look for them or not..

.....although I doubt they will v_v

I'm not expecting anything. I just don't want to be disappointed.

Sorry to bump the thread.

As long as it's not like last years crapfest im fine

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^ its cool, sadness is going to be at E3 - http://www.knight-nui.com/#/previewsadnessisback/4533655824

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