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dsister44 said:
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dsister44 said:
appendixes are for wimps. i almost had my spleen removed.


 Rupture?!?!?! good thing you didn't, I hear they are pretty important!



no it was more it was infested with cancer. and they aren't that important

Ahh shit, that is bad, i guess it wasn't a sarcoma then?

Do you find that now that your spleen has gone you are ill slightly more often than previously?

I also hope that you have the all clear now too.  

it was lymphoma(cancer of the lymph nodes) and it spread to my tonsils, adnoibs, spleen, and was starting to get in my bone marrow. so now i am really starting to worry about the swine flu thing.


Predisposition to viral infections, I doubt the FLU is much to be worried about at the moment, it would appear that you have overcome greater challenges.


Endure. In enduring, grow strong.

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get well soon

The Appendix is a useless sack of skin. Who need's it?

good luck on your recovery. Scientific infomati0on hear. If you dont like evolution please look away. The appendix in the monkey was to help it deal with leaves as the normal stomach cant handle them. So technically its pointless in humans unless you plan on having a 3 course leaf meal :/

bobacob said:
Wow good thing you went to the seek medical attention quickly!

One of my friends almost died because his ruptured, he was in hospital for two months!!!

Unfortunately for him he is the type to try and shrug off pain in some sort of manly pride, under these circumstances it did no do him much good.

How long did you feel the pain for? It is always good to know these things!

I hope you heal up quickly!


I felt the pain from Sunday night till Thursday (when I went to ER).  My mom suggested that I wait another day or two (on Thursday) to see what happens (she is a nurse) because she wasn't convinced it was my appendix.  Luckily, I knew something wasn't right and knew it wasn't anything like indigestion or something more minor.  I tried to tough it out from Sunday night to Wednesday but after Wednesday night when it came back even stronger I decided I had enough.  Thanks for support and it seems that I should heal up pretty good since they got it out just in time.  I have some pictures of it but not sure if I should post them.

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Unburst appendix, simple routine operation to remove.
Burst appendix, 10 or so days in intensive care hooked up to machines to clean your blood.

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