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All I can say is that after watching this, Sega better "properly" market this game unlike the half assed job the did with Madworld. Internet hype only helps a game sell decent. So Sega better for out some cash and run some comercials on some major networks!

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I'll wait till I get my hands on The Conduit before getting hyped for anything else from HV

I think they will sell their engine to a large number of devs, since it's the best available FPS engine for the Wii at the moment, and since there are no indications that id or valve are investing in the engine developement for wii, it will stay the best engine for some time.

Therefore, they have their finances covered to develop larger projects.


They've stated that they've made major leaps in graphics over what The Conduit can do on Wii but it's too late to implement them. I think we'll see that fruit at E3 and I also read somewhere that they had titles on the way that would take their company 'to the next level'

Anyway I'm thinking that one will be some kind of RPG as they've stated they'd like to make one


Nintendo could make a great decision by purchaseing this company and making another goldeneye type game.

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I'm probably going to end up buying at least 3 copies of Conduit. For myself and a couple of friends. This way I don't have to pursued them to buy the game.

These might actually be good, but let's see how "big" they get

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superchunk said:
I'm probably going to end up buying at least 3 copies of Conduit. For myself and a couple of friends. This way I don't have to pursued them to buy the game.


 More people should do this type of thing, this game really needs to sell

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cacafina said:
Nintendo should not let this opportunity go and buy them or make an agreement with them to continue exclusivity, or well at least help them to mantain a good relationship.
I'm not sure but i remembered something about nintendo helping HVS with the conduit, is that true?


What they should do is to bundle the conduit to gurantee more sales.

so what/when do you guys think the wii will get its first non wii sports bundle?

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