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They should put this on TV.

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:O Awesome!

I love stories like that even if they're a bit of a rip-off of Half Life. Government conspiracy is probably the only bit of fiction that intrigues me enough to actually read.

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lol The beginning of this video sounds like the Swine Flu epidemic going around.

EDIT: As the video came to an end, it was exciting to watch, and was indeed epic. The music was awesome and the game looked great.


6/23 is too far away..............I WANT THE CONDUIT!!! lol


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Great video. Really impressive and gives me high hopes for the game.


its like a summer blockbuster trailer for a movie. pure awesomeness!

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hehe now that was a great trailer.

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Damn you The Conduit, the more I see/hear about it, more I wanna play it.

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That was awesome, maybe the story isn't as bad as I thought.

cool video. game's story looks really good.