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I was just figuring out,what games would be launch titles for PSP 2 that could help it in its fight against the mighty DS2,whenever that releases.

Over the past few weeks,there have been alot of big games announced to be released on the PSP.This seems to be Sony's last push towards the PSP.Don't get me wrong.I know that Sony's has sold 45m PSP's but it is not giving its rival the DS any challenge at the moment.Sony's lined up some great games this year to push its sales but the DS is way too strong.This fall will be PSP will be five year old.PSP is a great handheld and it will get a big boost from the recently announced but if Sony release the PSP 2 this year and put all the recent announced games along with some new ones on the PSP 2 then it will give Sony's Portable gaming division even a bigger boost and PSP 2 will have a very succesful launch and that would give Nintendo some challenge towards their next handhled.I know this is very unlikely but it could certainly help Sony in a big way.The games I think will help PSP 2 are:



Dantes Inferno

Gran Turismo

Formula 1 09

J&D: The Lost Frontier



Parasite eve 3


Silent Hill

Soul Caliber

Tekken 6

Tales of Versus


Rock Band

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Well tbh at this point Im expecting the PSP2 to be more like the GBC.. it will be an evolution, it will play all PSP games, but many "PSP2" games will e playable on older models with some few exceptions.

If that will happen then this years lineup will deffinatly help the new model to become popular :D And if the GTM mobile rumors from 1UP are true, then it has every little chance to see a similar boost in the west as it seen in Japan back in 07...

PSP will be next gen's DS then

they are coming to the PSP go