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hi guys i am here seeking opinions of the PC gamers here..

In your opinion, which console compliments well with a gaming PC? i've heard that alot of xbox 360 games is playable on PC so that does not make it worth it? or the exclusives on 360 are too good to miss?

This is my 1st time dwelling into a console here so i wanna hear some advices..

Thanks in advance

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Xbox 360, or Wii. Both are ultimately a lot cheaper and they fulfill their console roles better.


haha, I don't think consoles really compliment pc in any way. I would say if you want to be sure your not getting any games that can be get on the pc, than get a wii. A lot of the games on the 360 are on the pc, and some ps3 games. So i'd say wii, if that doesn't float your boat than ps3, and if that doesn't blow your skirt up than x360 :)

I've honestly not seen anyone that said they have a PS3/360 to compliment a PC. All I've seen is the Wii complimenting the PC. But that's no surprise, the PS3 and 360 share a lot of games with the PC while the Wii doesn't.

It all depends on what type of games you like...

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Either PS3 for the blurayplayer and more exclusives than xbox360 which arent on PC or wii for its motion controlls and many great games


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Thanks for the replies..I think i will go for either a PS3 or wii then

Recommendation: PS3/Wii

360 shares a lot of games with the PC, and sooner or later every Microsoft 1st party game ends up in a PC...

PS3 shares games with PC but they're only from 3rd party, SCE 1st party games are not available on PC (only a few exceptions escape from this premise)... And Wii is the system that shares the less amount of games with a PC...

Wii definitely, not only do the PS3 and Xbox360 share a lot of games with the PC, but even the exclusives are pretty much the same across the three platforms.

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I am running the pc/wii combo and works great.

Like most people say most 3rd party games for PS3/360 tend to be for PC as well. Also a lot of 1st party 360 games tend to come out on pc some time later. I would not suggest the 360 unless you really want one :P. The PS3 only if you want to play their exclusives. For me I am a FPS/RTS guy and I don't feel like playing any ps3 games or investing the 400 dollars alone for the console :P.

All though for those who say blue-ray for ps3 is not always entirely a great thing :D spend about 100 dollars if you really want blue ray drive but know if you are actually not wanting to buy blue rays just stick with hooking vga/dvi and watching stuff off your computer to your tv works.