what was your 1st gaming system and how long have u been gaming for ?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - what was your 1st gaming system and how long have u been gaming for ?

I got into gaming kind of late. My first console was the N64 in 1997. So about 11-12 years. Though I did play the NES at my friends house when I was 6.

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Super Pong since the mid seventies.

NES was the first gaming system I owned;the first gaming system I played was the Colecovision.

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Gamecube gaming for 8 years

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handhelds count?

Game Boy Pocket in 1996

Gaming for 14 years.

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My first gaming system was an Atari 2600. However, I wasn't a gamer until I got my NES when I was 3. And since then, 21 years have passed.

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