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i wanna now why he suddenly decided to throw away the gun and go flying

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Apart from not knowing what they're talking about... It looks really awesome. The main character seems like a breath of fresh air... He seems confidant, maybe a bit too much, laid back and I'm so glad he doesn't have a woman's voice... Gosh that annoys me when a character is supposed to be 17+ and is voiced by a woman. Makes them seem androgynous.

Looks badass


shams said:
It *really* reminds me of "Laputa:Castle in the Sky" (Studio Ghibli production) - and that is a very good thing.

yeah, you´re  right.


Looks epic.



In the FMV that follows he does some aerial combat and eventually catches up with the gun.

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hmm.. it’s okay looking.. though judging from previous videos w/ gameplays, game does seem fun

at least it’s an improvement, graphic-wise, from most of 3rd party games



the main character is cool.. but i still don’t get what kind of jacket he’s wearing..

he doesn’t look too proportionate.. is it supposed to be a puffy, like southpole type jacket??

also he’s a little different than most Final Fantasy main characters..

  i can’t quite point my finger on it


damn it, just talkin’ about it make me want to finish RoF and buy EoT


LOL, stupid SE... and their FF games.. i somehow get coerced into buying into this hype


regardless, 1st day purchase for meeh.. hahah

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Holy Crap. I need this game, NAO!

I was SHOCKED when a male voice came from the person driving the ship. I could have sworn and was convinced (for months) that he was a girl....XD

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I posted the translated version of the video in my post, it's the 2nd video in the 2nd post in this thread. Please take a look.

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I need more videos!

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Wickedshyn said:
I need more videos!

Bahh forget that! I want a release date!!


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