FFCC: The Crystal Bearers Prolouge Video MUST SEE!!!!

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edit i tried embeding it but it wouldnt show.

if some one could help with it thanks..


here is the link 


hello how are you.

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Here it is, next time just click edit the post and post again, and it should show up.

Edit: Translated Prologue with Subtitle, you might want to maximize the video for best viewing of the subtitle:

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Whoa, where did this come from? Now this is more like it.

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Wow looks pretty sweet! Will this be released this year in Japan??


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It's from jp site. And cool music there is: http://www.crystalbearers.jp/

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Cool stuff. Still want to see more.

Edit: The jp website is heaps good. Looks way more interesting now. The music is great.

Oh yeah, that *is* more like it. The game is obviously vapourware!

...jokes aside, that is possibly the most impressive trailer I have ever seen for a Wii title.

It *really* reminds me of "Laputa:Castle in the Sky" (Studio Ghibli production) - and that is a very good thing.

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Nice. Those aircruisers looks awesome. I would like to go on vacation on one of those sometime.

i believe i just turned into a wii fanboy :D

anybody have any release dates/info, ANYBODY?!?!

i wanna buy a wii just to play this game =s tho its funny how japanese dub is overdramatic as always.