Will Microsoft fight Nintendo on the "casual" front?

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If it's true Microsoft is in the video game business to maintain it's monopoly on it's OS and to get into people's living rooms no matter which way how, then I believe Microsoft is going to aim it's next console at the masses much like the Wii is doing. Say hello to Halo Party and Halo Kart.

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Just the thought of the announcer guy yelling "DOUBLE KILL" or "KILIMANJARO" in a Halo Kart esk game, makes my spine tingle.

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They are already attempting to.

Just a few minutes ago in another comment i was writing on joystiq, i attested to the fact that, much like the "kiddie" stigma haunts Nintendo, the "Frat Boy" stigma might haunt Microsoft if they really start to try and move 360 further into the mainstream (as in, a product for everyone, and not just the mainstream gamer). There is already a certain dissonance that comes with seeing games like Banjo Kazooie, Viva Pinata and such on 360. Granted, the stigma didn't hurt VP's sales too bad, though it did kinda hurt BK (though BK arriving in an incredibly oversaturated market might've helped)


I dunno. It might just be marketing BS, but it might have some substance.

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No no and no, because the Wii is no threat to Xbox Live.

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I'd love to play Halo Kart, get the 3 green/red shells grenades, blow up 3 other karts, and hear the announcer say "triple kill!"


Nothing would pump me up more than hearing "Killing frenzy" and gunning like a mad dog in first place.