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CHYUII said:
Shanobi said:
Yeah, the end of Twin Peaks was a giant nightmare for him. I don't know how much you know about it, but yeah, that show should never have ended at season 2.


Recommend any other works of fiction?


What type of media? Like if you were into comics, I'd say The Watchmen would be good.

Sadly, the closest thing on tv we've had to Twin Peaks, in recent times, has been Lost. Though there were some other shows at the time that tried to borrow from TP, like Eerie Indiana, Wild Palms, and the remake of Fantasy Island.


Randomly, this is an online comic series that I plan to put out one day, which is my dedication to Lynch. ;)





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It's a rattlesnake.

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That's one way to win. Actually that would be the best and only way for me to beat a 2D fighter. I never have defeated one. The furthest I have been is in Street Fighter 3, I loved playing the African woman who only kicks.


What's the Series about?

i think Mugen is a free PC 2-D fighter where people actually download the fighter's off the internet, its fully costumizable like this video





Nice. Somebody download it and see if it works.

i did download it before along with 200 characters. but i deleted it cause playing on the keyboard is a pain, i should use ps3's controller.


This should be in off-topic.