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Well ill let you guys decide which one you like more i beat Resistance 2 before even playing Resistance 1 but now that im going threw Resistance 1 i kinda like its campaign more what do you guys think which games campaign did you like more

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For the campaign, I'd go with the first one. I loved being able to have all the weapons with me all the time (once I'd found them) and I do love having splitscreen co op for the campaign. That said, R2 annihilates R:FoM in the online. Not only do I like the multiplayer more, but the new take on co op is insanely fun!

Resistance 2

I prefer Resistance 1 for the storyline and general character building but Resistance 2 is much more epic and the battles have you hanging on the edge of your seat sometimes!

They are both as good as eachother in different ways of course

Bring on Resistance 3!!

I liked them both. I really prefer health packs and the weapon wheel. R2 coop is great.

Thanks for the input, Jeff.



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I prefer Resistance 2 in nearly every way. Although the first game had the weapon wheel and a better health system.


Part 1 was cool (I played it first). 2 is pretty much better in every way for me except:
I want the narration back
and the vehicles

hopefully they will bring those back for part 3

Fall of Man has the best single player campaign. The narration made a great deal as well as the fact the game appeared really epic as action went at several different localities in England. Resistance 2 has much improved graphics but the story line is a little bit to confusing, the characters are kind of bland, and didn't appeared to show as much of the US as the previous game showed UK -- yeah, I know it is impossible but it was still a problem. That said, thanks to the online cooperative mode, Resistance 2 is one of the few shooting games I ever bothered to spend some time online.

Resistance. It has a better health system (health bar instead of regeneration) which keeps the pace up and you can fight longer. With regeneration your constantly popping up, shooting, and then taking cover.

Also in Resistance 1 you can hold every gun at once. For some God awful reason they decided 2 guns is enough for Resistance 2. I guess Hale stopped working out and couldn't carry them all anymore.

RFoM in almost every aspect, R2 only had co-op which i found fun.