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Welcome everyone to the 'VGchartz Evening News brought to you by Megman2. We truly have a packed show with Icons such as Kirby007, Amp316 and our first moderator on the ‘Evening News – Nordlead. Turn the kettle on and get the biscuits out for the 'Evening News of Tuesday April 14th.

 With  Tuesday April 14th

Today's guests are:


     Kirby007                      Amp316                          Nordlead


Our first interview is with the 'Icon' himself 'Kirby007'.


Q1 – I think our viewers would like to know if there are more Kirby accounts on the site that we are not aware of? Many have speculated that you have over 90 alt accounts any truth to this looool. (You can reply with no comment


Well there is a list somewhere with a couple of my alternate accounts, but I even suprise myself with the number of alts

I was searching through the members the other day and I was like " Hey, I totaly forgot that one"


Q2 – What do you make of the console war that seems to only divide the gamers further?


I don't really care, I got myself a wii and an Xbox 360 and am perfectly happy with them, but i encourage that also Sony does well. What I do love is poking the people who are a little crazy about destroying the competitors. And it happens that the S-boys just can't STFU


Q2A – What games are you most anticipated for? Why do you not own a ps3 - that in itself is very dangerous considering you’re a member on Vgchartz


I probably will get a ps3 someday, depends on if GT5 is a lot

better then the other racers around. but I think AC 2 looks promising, another dream i have is a F1 game on the Xbox 360 or wii.


Q3 – There have been many rumors circulating that Kirby007 could soon become a moderator? Any truth to this rumor? Would you be a good moderator?


Hey I would love helping  VGC out, but it won't happen, banned members don't get a job here. I probably would stir the forums a little.

No, my real aim is getting Brett’s password

and make some crazy posts  


Q4 – As a Xbox 360 owner have you been disappointed with the line up so far? or will halo 3 odst change the tide?


Disappointed??? what? It has the best gaming library so far!

It got every kind of genre and in each genre a couple of jewels. Halo3 is still the king of multiplayer.


Q5 – Being a Wii owner are you satisfied with your Wii console? Will Nintendo have a good e3 this year?


Yes I just bought a wii for its First party software and some third party software, and im perfectly happen. The Xbox 360 satisfies all my other gaming needs. I hope Nintendo announces a couple of non casual centered games, but I fear the worst!


Final Question – With all the signs showing that Kingdom of Hearts 3 will be a ps3 exclusive, will you be tempted to buy a ps3?


 I have played the first ones but I find them a little overrated, I won't get an console just for one game and certainly not KH3.


I have one question for you though do you really own a wii? hehe I mean the wii isn't really worthy  being property of the Sony leader


As the Sony Leader I had to expand my vision, it’s like when a business becomes successful; he will look to expand the business in order to increase revenue/profits. The purchase of the Nintendo Wii is me expanding my Empire!


Our second Interview is with another Icon, known on the site as one of the finest comedians and drivers. The man himself ‘Amp316’.


Amp316 - Thank you for having me.  It's a privilege and an honor to be a guest on your show. 

Q1 - Hailed by the Vgchartz community as the finest comedian of our generation. it must be difficult being entertainer of your stature?

A 1-  The finest comedian of our generation?  I wasn’t even nominated to be one of the funniest members on this site.  *rolls eyes*  The problem with being funny is that if you do it once, people expect it all of the time.  On certain days I don't want to be funny and people don't understand or accept this.  Also, regardless of how hard I try, sometimes I cannot be funny.  It can be a lot of pressure being humorous.  

Q2 - You are known as one of the finest racers in Mario Kart, did you have to work hard to achieve your success? Has any member on the site given you a challenge?

A 2- There are a couple of racers that consistently beat me on this site.  Rolstoppable and TWRoO.  Also, one of those guys is funnier than me.  TWRoO is hilarious.  You challenged me to a race.  Prepare to get thrashed.   

Q3? From looking at your Game collection you do not own any consoles by Sony or Microsoft. Which console do you see yourself buying in the future and why?

A 3-  I would like for F-Zero or Waverace to be announced.  Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to be happy with the jet-skiing mini game on Wii Sports Resort.  Can you tell that I'm a big racing fan?  Another Zelda or Mario is always welcome into my game collection.  Mario is the undisputed king of platforming and has smashed through many horrible stereotypes that Italians have dealt with for years.  He can save the world without asking anyone for protection money or shooting anyone.

Q4 - Many people have complained that Nintendo has become too casual and has alienated it's hard core base. What do you make of it?

A 4-  I don't understand that argument.  I really don't.  Are more casual games on the Wii?  Yes.  This is because the other two systems don't have "many" casual games.  I consider some "casual games" like Wii Sports, the Rabbid games, and Samba De Amigo to be "fun" games.  That's what I call them.  It doesn't have to always be about the three B's ( blood, beasts, and breasts).  Don't get me wrong.  I like that kind of stuff also, but that's not the only type of thing that I play.  Also, many people claim that certain games on the Wii are casual and really aren't at all.  Look at Mario Kart Wii for instance.  This is a game that someone can pick up and learn to play immediately but it takes a lot of hard work to get a three star ranking or to get a 9999 VR.  That is, unless you hack.

Q5 - What games are you most anticipated for and why?

A 5- My most anticipated game is Wii Sports Resort with the Wii Motion +.  Now I can get into a legitimate 1:1 swordfight with someone?  Sign me up.  The Conduit's release should be interesting just to watch all of the arguments that will happen on this site.  I may or may not get involved.  Stay tuned.  Also I look forward to seeing Boom Blox Bash Party released so I can make fun of it. 

Q6 - Many have cited that you (amp316) and d21lewis as identical members, what do you think?

A 6- My first wall post was made by d21lewis.  Look it up if you don't believe me.  Does this make me look guilty?  By the way,  I thought that he was the greatest comedian of our time.  Does this make me look more guilty?

Final question – Being an avid bond fan, What did you think of Quantum of solace?

It had a lot of action, good looking women, and a fairly insane villain.  I think that the last two are pretty good despite the lack of Q or Moneypenny.  Daniel Craig is doing his best and that's all that I can ask for.  I just wish that he would take a few smart ass pills.  He's a little too serious.  Overall, I think that he's a good Bond though.  When he hits someone, it looks like it would hurt.  When Pierce Brosnan hit someone, it looked like he might break a nail.  This is why Sir Sean Connery was the best.  He could deliver a one liner with the best of them, and when he'd punch someone out no one would question it.  Also there's the acting thing.  He's good at that.

A milestone for the ‘ Vgchartz Evening News’ our first Moderator on the show, the legendary Nordlead. 

Q1- I think our viewers would like to know how you came across Vgchartz? What were your initial impressions?


I was trying to buy a Wii in January  and I ran across a couple tracker sites, but didn't bookmark them. I was trying to find the target Wii tracker website that used their hidden code. While googling I came across this website and then lost it, found that other one that is just a counter that has been abandoned (forgot the name) and then found this one again and finally signed up.


Q2 – You’ve gone through quite a journey from member, to Game Admin to Moderator to Icon . Were you surprised by it? You’ve been a great addition to the roster of Mods, do you enjoy being a moderator?


No, not suprised that I made it this far, but I am suprised I've dedicated this much time to the website. When talonman first offered me the db job I didn't think I'd spend this much time on the site, but then I got really addicted As for being a mod, it has its ups and downs. I get to ban people who tick me off, but I also have to deal with lots of crap I enjoy helping talonman with his projects a lot more.


Q3 – Does it feel daunting being an Icon on the site, Many have cited you as an inspiration, some have even compared you to ‘Obama’  what do you make of it?


I hate Obama.


Q4 – You are known as one the finest players in the casino that is the ‘Prediction League’ do you have any advice for those wanting to become successful and earn some of that Vgchartz$$ and maybe purchase an ‘IM’.


Bet big where everyone else is wrong. This also blows up in your face big time when they were right


Q4B – With the economy crisis we are in, members like myself are facing credit problems. Could we turn to Nordlead for a bailout or a stimulus package?


No, I think the bailout is stupid and we should let the economy run it's course. No other private sector is willing to buy out the debts, why should I?


Q5 – You are one of the most successful entrepreneurs on this site, when can we expect to see Nordlead occupying the no1 slot on the ‘All time users’ list?


I was number one 'til I bought my mod power for VG$50k. Oliist was overtaking me at that point, and has too much free time. I work on a lot more areas so I can't earn the VG$ as fast. I'll be back at #2 soon, and then I'll just steal all of Oliist VG$ 


Q5B – What are your thoughts on the community? What games are you most anticipated for? What ps3 game will you be purchasing in the near future….mgs4? Uncharted?


The community is great for the most part. There are those vocal minority you can never make happy no matter what you do with the website, but oh well. I'm sure people are going to cry and complain over the next thing talonman releases. Which I know what it is and I personally can't wait because I helped design all the features in it


As for PS3 games, I couldn't tell you. I'm thinking about getting Fallout 3, but I really don't see much that I'm interested in. My next purchase will probably be Punch-out!! for Wii.


Final question – Kingdom Hearts 3 a ps3 exclusive? Is it possible?


I could not possibly care less about Kingdom Hearts 3, but I think it is going to Wii because it fits the userbase so nicely. I'm really hoping Square Enix fully abandons Sony just like they did to Nintendo so the Sony fans can feel the same pain we did in the N64 era


Memorable Quotes


Megaman2s Sony leader thread. It was so epic it spawned 10 imitators and practically shut down the site, leading to ban threats and allsorts! Will we ever see a thread like that again? I give it a year”.


Colonelstubbs, Vgchartz Member


“Locking all leader topics. More will result in immediate bans as spam”.


Naznatips, Site Admin.


“Lol OP got banned? Oucho”.


Squillaim, Vgchartz Member


“LOL...im so glad I started this thread... I've been smiling for 10 minutes now”.


Disolititude, Vgchartz member


“Ok, I gotcha. You see the problem is, that guys who started that thread is a moron, trying to invoke arguments between console loyalists. His topic will bring out the sewer rats of this forum. With you copying his topic in here, you're going to allow those same rats access through an underground tunnel that connects the Sony forum to the Microsoft one, and unfortunately I'm low on cheese and mouse traps”.


Onyxmeth. Moderator


Memorable Threads:


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Kirby will probably get Brett's password someday.

Nintendo still doomed?
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Nice interviews

An interesting read, indeed


love it!

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this one is epic in content!

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I miss the leader threads. :[ Those were fun.

Great interviews. Nordlead hates Obama? *gasp* :p

Ya know, Snake612 changed VGChartz forever. Nobody believed he would do it, but now we have a buttload of interview shows. I love these.

I have another question for your 3rd interview subject nordlead, "Why haven't you banned donkeykong1988 even though he's a known alt for that banned jerk megaman2?"

nice work!

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The Ghost of RubangB said:
Ya know, Snake612 changed VGChartz forever. Nobody believed he would do it, but now we have a buttload of interview shows. I love these.

I have another question for your 3rd interview subject nordlead, "Why haven't you banned donkeykong1988 even though he's a known alt for that banned jerk megaman2?"


I would also like to know this......

Nintendo still doomed?
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