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Shadowblind said:

New game vs. remake of 8 year old(more? Too lazy to look up the release :P) game....

New game wins.

Try twelve years old, come summer.

Anyway, I'd take XIII.

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13!! I never want to face Emerald and Ruby Weapon again!!!!!

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Despite being a gamer for a long time, I dont think that gaming was any better 10-15 years ago than it is now. And I dont want to spend the rest of my gaming life bitching on the internet about how "games were better in the 90s" and "oh how I miss my random encounters".

I want new exciting experiences. So XIII. Any day.

whats wrong with having both? :D

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Final Fantasy VII is the best game ever so yeah...that.

Hard decision, but I have to say it ddepends on how much they improove from the original in the remake.

vitoaf27 said:
whats wrong with having both? :D


 Nothing just asking if u had to choose 1 which would u choose!

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Something new, even if the last Final Fantasy was not great... I would rather have that than FFVII Remake.


ofcourse XIII

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