Which PS2 JRPG Had The Best Storyline?

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Final Fantasy 10!

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Star Ocean: Till the end of time or kingdom hearts 1. I enjoyed the hell out of both.

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Tales of the abyss and persona 3

ffx by a slim margin over suikoden III

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FF12 or Dragon Quest 8, FF10 was good - but FF12 reached a whole new level of believability and more sophisticated script writiing imo.

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Can't exactly pick one but there are a lot of JRPGs with stories I really liked: Persona 4 & 3, Dark Cloud 2, Final Fantasy 12, SMT: Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga.

Final Fantasy X and Dragon Quest XIII.

O_O!!! nice to see some Xenosaga fans here!(I personally think the series is so underrated)

I'd also chose Persona 3&4, Tales of the Abyss, Ar tonelico I, FFX&FFXII, Suikoden III&V

Final Fantasy X

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Also a very notable mention is the Xenosaga series.


They all come very close for me.

Oh yea the entire xenosaga trilogy was fire!