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Looks pretty decent. Vesperia was pretty good, looking forward to this.



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I just hope they fix the framerate and monster issues that ToS DotNW had. Killing a group of monsters, then having them respawn literally two seconds later really pissed me off. There's no sense of satisfaction or achievement after killing them. It's like they were artificially trying to make the game longer my having people run into the same monsters over and over again.

The more the system is like Vesperia's, the better.


2 seconds? It was a lot more than two seconds...oh, and different monsters appear each time, it's like a cycle. I didn't have any framerate issues.


I never noticed any kind of cycle, I was stuck trying to figure out a puzzle in one of the dungeons for a good 20 minutes.  I would stand there trying to figure out how to make this bridge fall down and the same monster would spawn over and over again. 

You're right through, it's not 2 seconds, but it's less time than it takes to actually fight the monster. I did a test, and it took me 30 seconds to beat the mob, and 20 seconds for it to respawn.  To me, that's far too short.


Yes, yes, yes. I over exaggerated the respawn time. It was just far too short anyways. There was no satisfaciton in killing the monsters, so most of the time, I ended up using holy bottles or runniny away from them. It was almost impossible to sneak up on them too as when you get in a certain range, they'd snap around and start chasing you.

And as a PC gamer, FPS is quite important to me, and I can tell when the framerate is below 30, 60, and 120. Any game that goes below 45 kinda passively bugs me, but it's definitely not a game breaker. ToS 2 had areas where the FPS definitely dropped below 30, namely in Iselia ranch. There wasn't even much to justify the lag there, so I'd say it was simply lazy optimization.

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~ Graces' theme can be further broken down to "to protect one's beliefs" and "to protect the person important to you". The following main story line is from Degenki, but you'll notice that it's the same as what Yume translated for us. Degenki's version just wraps it up into one complete story. This is also probably the longest Tales game ever made according to the game staff, spanning around 60-70 hours on the main story.

----- Storyline:
The world where the sky is covered by the sea; Efinea. Civilizations prospered using Eles, composed of a material called Criath. Windol, Strata and Fendel: these three countries are competing for dominance in the world.

In the remote region of Windol lies the city of Lhant. The eldest son of the feudal lord Aston, Asbel, is a bright and cheerful boy who spent his childhood like any other carefree boy does: enjoy everyday together with his irreplaceable friends. However, due to some unknown incident, he desires to become strong. His strong determination led him to enlist himself in a knight's academy in the capital.

It is now seven years after the incident. In his eighth year, Asbel has grown and established himself as a fine knight. However, at the death of his father, Aston, he gives up his dream to become a knight and must now take over the position of feudal lord. He meets up with his friends, and bids them all farewell.

And now, a vehement change of fate now enfolds his life...

----- Character Profile - Asbel Lhant:
The eldest son of the feudal lord of the Lhant territory, located along the border of its country, the Frontier Kingdom of Windol and its neighboring country, Fendel. Born as the feudal lord's son, he has been raised to become the next lord by his father and his butler Frederick. Due to that certain incident however, he developed strong feelings to become a knight, so he admitted himself to a knights' academy in the capital. There, he spent the years dedicated to his training, and soon enough, he grew up into a diligent and polite young knight.

When he was young, he was a cheerful, straightforward and honest young boy. As he grew up however, he became the type who would hide his true passion and enthusiasm within himself. He often takes care of others, and can't leave them alone when in face of a problem.


60-70 hours just the main story? Wow.

"The world where the sky is covered by the sea; Efinea"

What does that even mean?

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ClaudeLv250 said:
"The world where the sky is covered by the sea; Efinea"

What does that even mean?


They seem to be doing a Skies of Arcadia idea?

Former something....

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ClaudeLv250 said:
"The world where the sky is covered by the sea; Efinea"

What does that even mean?


I think it's literal X_X The sky is part of the sea...I think. Maybe they're possibly underwater. They could be in just a big globe with a water barrier which is also the sky.


Well...they have been giving the sky a nice amount of attention in art and screens. Love the colors.

I guess that might explain what that big dark ball thing was on that one piece of art.

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