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My Playstation 3, my Bravia 46'' HDTV, and one game....hmmmmm hard....but I would go with my Metal Gear Solid game.


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My PS3, Wii, and DS, PSP2000 could go since im gonna get the PSP2/4000

my ps3 my notebook the box of the games.

My wii and all my games my ds too.

Computer, pool table, and refrigerator.

Nintendo still doomed?
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laptop, vinyl collection, one of the paintings on my wall

[2:08:58 am] Moongoddess256: being asian makes you naturally good at ddr
[2:09:22 am] gnizmo: its a weird genetic thing
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my ps3 conflict denied ops and Call of Duty 4 lol

my computer or my entire gaming collection.

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