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I've played Killer 7 and enjoyed so much that No More Heroes looked a disappointing game to me.

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No More Heroes is the only one I've played so I'll go with that one.

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No More Heroes is my best and i want to try FSR. Contact was a beautiful RPG and Killer7 needs to be remade for the Wii. The wii remote will do wonders if it implements correctly to Killer7.

SaviorX said:
I've only played No More Heroes, so I guess it wins by default.



Even though I did not play killer7, I can say that I like No More Heroes. I love that game so much that I know that even if I play Killer7 I will not like it better than No More Heroes.



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AkiraGr said:
Killer7 needs to be remade for the Wii


^Click on cards to level'em up!!!^ =D

Played Contact, Killer 7 and No More Heroes.

I loved contacts controls and take on the RPG genre. (a self aware game.)

I loved Killer 7's graphical design and pure general dark overtones, as well power rangers parody boss fight.

However my pick is for No More Heroes. I couldn't really find any flaws with the game because everything seem to work all together, the graphical style, music and game play just all felt right. As well probably some of the best boss fights this gen I'v played.

The game drips personality and character (even though the other two did) ut No more heroes just stuck to me more that I played through it twice. Now waiting patiently for the sequel.

I think Contact is too hard and requires too much grinding.
I thought K7 was stylish, but the gameplay got repetitive.
NMH was pretty perfect in controls, story and length.

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I didn't like any of them. :/

If I had to choose, though, it'd be NMH, because it was the only one that kept me hooked for more than fifteen minutes before I dropped it.

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shakarak said:
Shanobi said:
Was Flower, Sun and Rain released here in the states already???

I want to play that one soooo badly.

I've played Contact, No More Heroes, and Killer 7. I have to say Killer 7 is my favorite, by far. The awesome darkness, and lynchesque plot and storytelling just grabbed me the most.

Michigan is another that I'd love to try though, too. Oh, and I had no idea he did Samurai Champloo.

Didn't he also work on the Fire Pro wrestling games? I used to play those like mad, also.


It was release in europe last year.  It relases in July in America.

Do you know if the european one is in english?





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