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I'll be claiming "I'm keeping my hype low", while I'll actually be thinking "HOLY HELL THEY'RE GONNA UNLEASH THE MOTHERLOAD".

Anyway, yeah, my hype is rising. For better or for worse...

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Are you surprised that he says this? It's not like he's going to say: "Hey, our E3 will be boring as hell, don't even bother watching"

I hope you guys never start a company lol

Promising something and then failing to accomplish it can give your company a very negative view. I hope you never start a company if you plan to flat out lie to your clients.

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I know i should not have any expectations, but i hope Nintendo blows me away this year at E3.

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I want a trailer of pikmin 3

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I don't expect anything great from them. All they seem to care about is casual. The only big games I expect from them between now and the end of the Wii is another Zelda and another Mario game. I've lost all hope for anything like Star Fox or F-Zero. They can sell 3 million of some family game or under one million for a hardcore game. What direction do you think they will take.

I'd hope for something that looks great but I seriously doubt it. I'd like for Nintendo to prove me wrong. We'll see. Most likely, it will suck like a pr0n star

I'll come up with something better eventually...

So we got fooled at E3 07 (lolwiifit), E3 08 (lolwiimusic), I'm expecting to get pwned again.

Consider me un-hyped.

All I know is that we are due for another Pokemon console game if they'll release them similar to the last gen.

But then again, we didn't get a Johto(sp?) remake for the DS, yet, and there was proof that Gamefreak is making one. If they are following their plan, like last gen, it should have been before Pokemon Platinum. Maybe it's for the Wii???


Nah.... It would be nice, though. :/ I hope there will be one, though, and it won't be DS virtual handheld game for DSi. I rather have a remake than a game with limited colors and I'm not planning to buy another handheld so quickly for another Pokémon game...


Hmm.... Maybe I should have created a thread for this post.

People bitched and moaned about their E3 performance last year, yet the products they showed and released have been incredibly successful.

Go figure.




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