Sony gives PS3 to kid who saves dad's truck

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On a dramatic twist, Sony's PR proves that they can do things right sometimes.

Nine-year old Matty Lovo saved his dad's life by driving his dad's big rig after the father suffered a seizure and blacked out. When asked what he would like as a reward, he said a new Playstation. The neighbors offered to save money to buy the PS, but the father said thanks and refused.

But guess what? Sony directly contacted them and offered to give him a spanking new PS3 and many games. Obviously they accepted.

Well done Sony  


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well done indeed sony

good move here, they could rack up some good press with that

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dad buying the little kid Motorstorm would be very fitting.

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Hahaha or Gran Turismo, better yet, Big Mutha Truckas.

Good job Sony, doin somethin right FINALLY

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I was going to ask if the big rig was automatic... because there would be no way this kid could drive it... I have read the news elsewhere and the kid saved his dad´s life by calling for help after he passed out on the truck himself.

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I'm gonna cry....

That's wonderful. Nice job Sony.



If the little kid was smart he would have asked for the truck =P

Nice to see Sony PR doing a decent job, these airy fairy happy stories are brilliant publicity.

Smart kid... for choosing the PS3 and saving his dad. GJ Sony.

Good for Sony, but I think both father and son take "Excite Truck" a bit too seriously...

As I said before the kid did not drive the truck, he called 911, either way he saved his father life and thats great for anyone.