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Ive had one warning in like 6 months...obviously im not controversial enough!

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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Oh cool, there's a report function.

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TWRoO said:
Oyvoyvoyv said:

I've only reported 4 people so far.

One was ioi (I'm an idiot)

Two were mods (I'm an idiot)

And one was myself (I got Rock_On banned by posting his PMs, then reporting my own post).


So yes, I'm really abusing the system.

You "miniature BenKenobi'd" yourself?


I'm surprised I wasn't banned considering I reported Ioi, insulted him, and pointed out some odd stuff in his post, while reporting another mod during that same day.


As for the reporting myself, nobody ever seemed to notice it (as he was banned before I reckon they could get it filed through, they probably ignored it).



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Dunno about others but I'm just not the snitchin' tattle-tale type. Only thing I'd report is somthing racist, sexist or sick etc.

I definately ain't gonna report you because you hurt my consoles feewings.

I have only ever reported spammers. Yell at me, disagree with me, just don't try using this site to improve your google pr.

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