Random reporting by bitter members?

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Do you ever get mod warnings when you tell another member they are wrong?


You say, "Nope your are 100% incorrect, maybe next time."

they hit the report button.


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I have a very hard time making sense of what you just said. Can you re-write it?

What are you asking?

Members can report all the want, they don't actually do the moderating. You're only going to get an actual warning if you did something that deserves a warning, not just because someone reported you.

theprof00 said:

Does anyone else get mod warnings when someone finds out they were wrong?

ive reported you for not making sense

I wonder if mods get pissed off and if they can warn or even ban you for reporting people for stupid reasons. Xxain's post was almost funny enough to get me to do a random report for some silly reason.

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Insult me and you get reported.
Piss me off for being fanboyish, and sometimes i report...
but it aint the normal members who decide on warnings, its the mods.

ok wfz i rewrote it. I hope it is a lot clearer now lol.

Thanks prof, I understand it perfectly now. :P

I've never gotten a mod warning from something like that, but then again I've never been warned before.

Who wants to be the first mod to warn me? Act quickly before this once-in-a-lifetime chance is gone!

maybe its because not many people disagree with you reggie :P

I've never reported anyone even if they name call or say things that are out of line.

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