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I'm best at FPS. I kept a solid 1.60 K/D ratio in CoD4 back when I tried, then I started dicking around and put it down to about a 1.5

I do enjoy racing games (although I suck at them), RPG's, and sports games though.

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Platformers are my genre of choice, though they are sadly at a premium these days. They're part of the reason why Nintendo and Sonic Team have consistently been my favorite developers, too.

Though looking at my collection, i'm basically a jack of all trades.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

Sadly you are true Platformers are on a decline but dont turn to sonic your better off changing your type of game to fps nintendo needs to let sonic pass away already

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anything... except flight simulators, and rpgs of any sort (except pokemon)

RPG's and Platformers.

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FPS games for sure, i rock at them

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definitely JRPG's hands down, put platforming is probably next


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JRPG's and SRPG's, followed by Action/Adventure and fighters.

JRPGs, Hack and Slash, fighting, platformers, and action/adventure, maybe puzzle or racing games