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Gaming, like music or movies is defined by genre. Gamers, much like music or movie lovers. Have their own speciality, their own taste. Horror Movie Fans may not love Comedy as much as some people, same as people who are the masters of First Person Shooters, may find themselves alienated by Role-playing games.

Myself, I am a Real Time Strategist. Tracing roots back to Warcraft 1 and Total Annihilation, I find myself being able to spring elorabate traps and strategy's that many may not even think of. Such as using a small squad of my own troops to lure in enemies to a trap, cutting off enemies recon, supplies, or various other tools and generally controlling the field of battle.

What's your speciality?

Why must JRPG female leads suck so bad?

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i am good with everything.

but i enjoy jrpg more.

im awesome at most jrpgs and all shooters+ viva pinata :D

JRPG and SRPG.... with bouts of Dynasty Warriors tossed in for good measure and variety.

Boycotting the following:

1. Yoshi: He ate my car and spit out a toaster.

2. Igglybuff: Totally false advertisement. You can have as many as you like they don't buff nothing.

3. the Terms Hardcore/Softcore... We're talking Video Games. Not Porn.

4. The term Casual as relates to Gamers: We make them sound like outsider's that happen to play games.  If that were the case they'd own a PS3.

5. Donuts.... Beacause I drink Beer...... and the biggest fan of Donuts hates Beer.

6. Boycotts: Their so lame.




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FPS and TPS and aircraft games like Ace Combat

CoD4... to be precise.

I'm a big fan of good games.

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I lean more towards shooters of late i enjoy killing a large amount of people online but then again i still love my jrpg's

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