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I have been coming to this site for the last 2 months and i know we have a while till this game is released but Galaxy and Brawl started being discussed a year ago and Mario Kart has just started to get hype (E3 announcing the 'Wii-eel'), i believe Nintendo are going to leave it till after christmas to start releasing info on this game. 

Well in personal opinion i am really excited about this game, i still play Mario Kart64 on my N64 (dont have GC so missed out on Double Dash). I was just wondering if you guyz are just as excited for it as Brawl and Galaxy. I believe Mario Kart Wii should hav been included in the 'golden triangle' as its just as fun, new and innovative, but no one seems to be hyped about it. 

I just wanted to ask a few questions like:

Do think this mario kart will be any good?

Who do you want as a driver that never made the cut before?

Whos your favourite character?

and most importantly do you think the new 'Wii-eel' will be for the better or worse?

I just want your opinions please.

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Mario Kart is a great game. Mario Kart online will be an awsome game.

Double Dash: favorite characters were the koopa because of the steady diet of red turtle shells.

the Wii-eel will take it to a whole new level. Mario Kart has always been a more casual fun racing and i can imagine four people with the Wii-eels just having a blast, and WiFi would be awesome. Double dash was good but left a feeling of missing something. This mario kart will satisfy that whole

Although over the years I've not liked Mario Kart as much I'm definetly ready for MK Wii. Going to feed my online racer appetite.

But I'd much rather Nintendo make Excite Truck 2 w/ online.

I'll be buying it.

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Fuzzmosis said:
I'll be buying it.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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very excited for it as mario kart 64 and double dash are two of my favorite multiplayer games ever (currently doing a year long all-cup double dash tournament with my new roommate hoping to get up to at least 400 all cups by the end of the year (next summer), currently winning 8 to 6!) i trust nintendo much more than any other developer, but i am worried about that wiiwheel.  first of all never been a fan of having to buy addons to play certain games if you can only play it by having the wheel, i am not gonna want to buy one extra wheel let alone 3 extra. secondly after playing excite truck i realized that controlling a car by tilting the controller is actually not that fun. I think control with the analog stick with some motion controls for maybe power sliding and throwing the items would be perfect. If they could make the controls precise enough imagine being able to throw any item in any direction 360 degrees around your cart simply by say holding a button and flicking your wrist in that direction.

anyway as i said still very excited about this game. cannot wait for online mario kart. that'll be like a dream come true!!!! probably my most anticipated game for next year besides star wars force unleashed and fable 2. i'm just praying that wiiwheel is actually fun and i'd be very surprised and happy if it is more fun than a normal analog stick control scheme.

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I'm going to buy it...that good enough? I've got too many other games to hype about for now...I can trust Nintendo to make a good Mario Kart game, so I'll go crazy about it in the spring.

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Has there ever been a bad MK title? I think it and Metroid still have untarnished records.

I thought MKDD was a brilliant twist on the tried and true formula, and am curious to see where it goes from there.

I -am- a bit nervous about the controls, as I was unimpressed by ExciteTruck.

Is the only reason I am picking up a Wii. Can't wait!