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I want to know from people that only owned the GC, why you owned just this one system and if you felt you were missing out on great games that the PS2/xbox had.

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GranTurismo: To answer (From a friend's/roommates perspective):
He owned it because it was fun.
He didn't own the other 2 because he lived with people who owned them. We shared.

Same question goes to them who only owned an Xbox, missing out on ps2's large catalog and Nintendo's solid offering of first party, and some surprise third party, or a PS2 only owner who didn't play Halo, Fable, or Ninja Gaiden?

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I only had a GC last generation and I don't feel like I missed anything. I had a lot of fun just playing Mario, Zelda, and SSBM.

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loyalty, the same reason dreamcast owners still believe sega will come out with dreamcast 2 this year. The same reason xbox360 gamers spend time fighting support line speakers and buying elite's one after the other rather than getting a different console. The same reason sony fans still stick to ps3 even though its under the crosshairs at the moment. It defines the hardcore.

When i had the choice to get a ps2, xbox, or a gamecube, i could only choose one and it was hard at the time because the ps2 still wasnt widely excepted at the time. I chose the gamecube for its price and its 4 mutiplayer ports cuz i had 2 other siblings. Even tho i could admit i would have enjoyed the last 5 years a bit more if i got a ps2, i dont regret owning only a gamecube. Timesplitters 2 , Smash Bros, and Soul Calibur 2 alone kept me and my bros busy for almost 2 years.

If anything came out of it, I came to appreaciate nintendo's quality over quantity motto.

P.S if any of that seemed preachy, its cuz im writing a english essay as i do this. Oh and none of that was bashing nor was i trying to start a flame war etc. etc.

I only owned a GC, simply because this console offered the most great games that appeal to my gaming preferences. Most of my favorite game series are made by Nintendo, Soul Calibur and Resident Evil were available as well, some RPG support from Namco, some Sega games. There were plenty of good/great games available on the GC.

I could always get the PS2 from a friend for 1-2 weeks to play the great games on the Sony system and the same was true for the Xbox, although there was only a handful of worthwile games on that console. The only games I missed out on were the ones none of my friends were willing to buy for their PS2, but overall that wasn't a big deal.

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I owned a GC but there were not a lot of games that interested me. I think I can say that I have enjoyed around 10 of them but that is not much compared to the other three consoles at that time :s.


Edit:  Sorry I misread your post. 

edit: oops, you said ONLY owned a GC. Not applicable >_< . I can tell you what I liked about mine though if you are still interested.

I owned a gamecube only at first for a couple years but then got the other two. but honestly i like the gamecube and xbox lineup better than the ps2 lineup. i could maybe live without the ps2 (well except i use it for all my ps1 rpgs so i guess i couldn't) but without access to ninja gaiden, the halos, the knights of the old republic, half-life 2, along with a few others would be sad. also no access to smash bros., mario, zelda, the metroid prime games, eternal darkness, mario kart, rogue squadron and a few others would suck too. basically i just feel bad for anyone who only owned one system, no matter which system it was. cuz all 3 had a lot of great games.

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I owned only a Gamecube for a few years, and had no plans to buy a PS2 until I played Gran Turismo 3 (should please you given your name and avatar :)).  I only have 5 games for the PS2 though, GT3+4, Gradius V, R-Type Final, and Guitar Hero (and my g/f has GH2).  I have 20 games for my Gamecube.  I never felt that I was "missing out" as you say, but I had just entered my "petrolhead" stage and was doing a lot of autocross, even bought a 2-seater RWD convertible.  A game like GT3 really spoke to me at that point in my life.  :)