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phil harrison FTW

You should be beaten, burned to ashes then someone should throw your ashes from a plane

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How many of those are insulting to the customer?

wow...sony is clearly the most arrogant and self-righteous company this generation. They really think their consumers are blind fools who would buy their excrement if it had sony on it.

I would be ashamed of myself for supporting such corporate haughtiness and idiocy.

Which is exactly why I own ZERO sony products.

needz moar giant enemy crab and 599 us dollerz

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Sony: answer for not paying royalties..



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CGI-Quality said:
Neptune said:
lol they need to work on their arrogance. The PS3's lack of success is just the kick they needed.

Your posts makes sense until this. It's in 3rd place but hardly a "lack of success".



Did they DESERVE their success though?

Or did their money BUY it?

Honest folks would say the latter.

Those in denial? well.........................


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wholikeswood said:
I say let the consoles do the talking, and my PS3 speaks volumes about the integrity, dedication to quality and commitment to entertainment that the team at Sony sweats to provide. True. Next. Gen.

Your lack of faith disturbs me... 


Ok so im a huge SONY fan,.....but I have to admit those were some the most Hilariously Ignorant, arrogant comments ever my gawd...especially the Pc PS3 thing lmao

Lets see MikeB or CGI quality try to defend these quotes..

LOL...sony is right....they give ppl entertainment to the max just reading their quotes entertains me LOL!!!!

tho they do deliver high quality games on ps3.