30% of COD4 players ignored single player

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I actually played the singeplayer first and beat it then never returned.


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I borrowed the game from my friend, since he was always saying how amazing it was. So, I played through the campaign which was decent, but not fantastic, and a few matches online, then gave it back. It's just not my thing. So, I guess I'm one of the guys who didn't ignore the sp. =)

The sad thing is 40% of the people probably ignored the mp.

Thanks for the input, Jeff.



i remember playing the entire campaign for CoD4 but for WaW i didnt bother and jumped straight to the online

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That sucks. The single player was so good.

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I went straight into online for COD4. But when my internet was down for a weekend I beat the single player campaign and it was awesome. I loved the very end too(Not the airplane bonus level) It was the most rewarding killing I can remember in a game, blasting then in the head in slow motion. It was just awesome.

And im one of the 30%

Alot of people hate SP,especally first person rail shooter.

Online ftw!

SlumsofOhio said:
You guys must play the campaign. It is very fun, not to mention action packed.

Don't you also have to play the single player campaign to unlock the zombie mode?



I don't know why they bother with SP in these games clearly every one is buying them full price for the MP not the 6 hours no replay value average stereotype story Single Player. I have to be drunk and on crack at the same time to pay $60 for COD4/WaW or even KZ2 for that matter if it was just a single player game, but I know when buying them that my main interest is the online I may go through the SP once and not even bother a second play through

FPS that are actually give the Story the main intention like Bioshock with almost 25+ hours Campaign, now those deserve the $60 even though there is no MP