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Final Fight and Street Fighter 1 are my sentimental favourites.

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1 Defender
2 Marble Madness
3 Ghosts N Goblins
4 Dragons Lair
5 Galaxian

There to many to choose from... I spend a lot of time in arcades waisting my money.  (top 5 in no order)

1. Ghost 'n gobins

2. Outrun

3. Bubble bobble

4. Robocop

5. Indy Jones and the Temple of Doom

PC gaming rules.....

Dragon's Lair
Space Invaders
Ms. Pacman

This list could go on for ever.

@ OP I love your picks of Robotron and Tempest. Both ridiculously fun games.

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Space Invaders

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1. Vanguard - I loved this game so much! I would love to see a 3D version come out for consoles.
Ms. Pac Man
Space Fury
Donkey Kong Jr.

LOL how could I have forgotten Galaga! I played it last week and every chance I get. It is even the only game I downloaded for my phone. Added to my first 4!

Here's my 20 favorite arcade games of the 80's:

1. Missile Command
2. Spy Hunter
3. Tempest
4. Pac-Man
5. Donkey Kong
6. Frogger
7. Galaga
8. Centipede
9. Zaxxon
10. Phoenix
11. Defender
12. Dig Dug
13. Joust
14. Berzerk
15. Mario Bros.
16. Moon Patrol
17. Burger Time
18. Tapper
19. Xevious
20. Gyruss

I love Donkey Kong. Also like others that I can't remember at the moment.

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Far and away it was Outrun. I always wanted to get it on Sega Genesis but it wasn't anything like the arcade game :(

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