Will Final Fantasy 13 Live Up To The Hype?

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Will Final Fantasy 13 be one of the greatest or one of the worst jrpgs?

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of course one of the best jrpg!

I believe it will be a truly epic JRPG. Well i really am hoping on it. And for Versus i hope its a kick ass JRPG that blows FFXIII out of the water. Resulting in having 2 awesome JRPGs

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no, the one downside of the internet. people learn too much, too early, that when they finally get the game there are no surprised and always expecting it to be a 11/10.

No,the game is gonna get so much hype it will be hated on because it failed to be a FF7 or which ever one was supposed to be the greatest.

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How would we know?
Anyway, none of the FF, even if they are bad in the series suck or are part of the worst RPGs, I doubt it will be the first one.